Monday Fun Video: Melinda Gates HAS an iPhone (Spoof) -- NSFW-L

A week or so ago we ran a quote from Vogue that basically said Bill and Melinda Gates had banned iPods and iPhones from their house, though Melinda admitted sometimes she wished she had an iPhone (and honestly, who -- outside of WMExperts -- could blame her?)

Well, absent more information we turn to more comedy, and specifically Funny or Die's spoof of what's really going on inside the Gateskeep.

Note: Contains language that wouldn't be aired on American broadcast networks. If that's not your cup'o'humor, avoid.

Rene Ritchie

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Jeffdc5 says:

ha zunes aren't that bad i would own one if my ipod didn't exist

Danny R says:

Loved the Zune part

zeagus says:

The related iPhone 3G tour is actually more amusing :).

Steve says:

:shock: What the h€ll is a Zune?

iphonemilk says:

I feel sorry for Melinda =/