Monday Fun Video: Steve Jobs Intros 2005 Motorola ROKR

My, oh, my how far we've come in so few years. Daring Fireball sums it up beautifully:

Hard to believe this was just four years ago. The demo starts around 2:45; the look of utter contempt comes about a minute later.

(Not iPhone friendly, sorry).

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Monday Fun Video: Steve Jobs Intros 2005 Motorola ROKR


WOW!! The end of that video was just classic! But u can definately see the pre-birth of the iPhone with this vid. They took some of the features this phone had and perfected them with the iPhone..

@fastlane, yeah im wondering that to, he looks friggin buff there, his voice kinda ruins it thou :/
lmao "i hit the wrong button"

This phone was awful, it and a mixture of the Cingular network couldn't hold a call if it had to. I owned mine for a few months before I finally just scraped it and bought a cheap phone off eBay which held me over until the first iPhone came out.

that phone was a disgrace. everytime i returned that phone, the camera (with flash!) would stop working after 2 days tops. pure crap. steve probably self mutilates everytime he sees or hears about this video. haha.

I’d just like to remind everyone today is the last day of summer and I have yet to have MMS…that is all.

I have a IPhone 4S Which is Not Carrier Unlocked, It is a UK Model so its not AT&T but Is Vodafone Locked, I don't have the Sim for it and I get the error Please Insert a Valid Sim. If I try to Jailbreak it using GreenPoison's Absinthe it is Stuck on Beginning Jailbreak,This may take a while from the past 15 mins, any suggestions??