Monday Fun Video: Steve Jobs Intros 2005 Motorola ROKR

My, oh, my how far we've come in so few years. Daring Fireball sums it up beautifully:

Hard to believe this was just four years ago. The demo starts around 2:45; the look of utter contempt comes about a minute later.

(Not iPhone friendly, sorry).

Rene Ritchie

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There are 13 comments. Add yours.

Rollins says:

The look on his face after a few seconds when the music doesn't resume is priceless.

d.allen says:

I liked that phone back in the day.. one of the better ones I owned for the time.

BriceH says:

Up to 100 songs! Whoohoo!

TrinDawg37 says:

WOW!! The end of that video was just classic! But u can definately see the pre-birth of the iPhone with this vid. They took some of the features this phone had and perfected them with the iPhone..

fastlane says:

Wonder if he'll ever get back to that weight again. What a difference.

angelsniper45 says:

@fastlane, yeah im wondering that to, he looks friggin buff there, his voice kinda ruins it thou :/
lmao "i hit the wrong button"

ZackTanner says:

This phone was awful, it and a mixture of the Cingular network couldn't hold a call if it had to. I owned mine for a few months before I finally just scraped it and bought a cheap phone off eBay which held me over until the first iPhone came out.

mikee d. says:

that phone was a disgrace. everytime i returned that phone, the camera (with flash!) would stop working after 2 days tops. pure crap. steve probably self mutilates everytime he sees or hears about this video. haha.

Dude says:

I’d just like to remind everyone today is the last day of summer and I have yet to have MMS…that is all.

Dexter says:

Alright, Dude, stop it! ;P

Jeremy says:

Dude, maybe we will have it by next March when Summer ends in Australia.

Alexander Kreager says:

I have a IPhone 4S Which is Not Carrier Unlocked, It is a UK Model so its not AT&T but Is Vodafone Locked, I don't have the Sim for it and I get the error Please Insert a Valid Sim. If I try to Jailbreak it using GreenPoison's Absinthe it is Stuck on Beginning Jailbreak,This may take a while from the past 15 mins, any suggestions??