Monday Humor: The Pug that can’t stand the iPhone

Some animals just have no taste and this Pug is definitely one of them. Picture the scene; he is happily lying on his owner’s bed watching TV when a commercial comes on. The commercial is for the latest and greatest iPhone 4S but this Pug is having none of it. It sends him into a barking and growling frenzy, stamping his feet, gnashing his teeth, it really is a site to behold. As soon as the ad is finished, he settles down again and continues watching the TV.

Now as we all know, the iPhone 4S is the best iPhone ever, this little Pug must either hate the music on the ad or just hates ads all together. I am sure it has nothing to do with the iPhone 4S!

Source: TNW


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iPhones are not gold says:

Maybe he hates the monopoly apple is taking on the smart phone front by trying to patent everything under the sun. I agree pug!

Jayp says:

Maybe the Pug is speaking out about some creep stalking his ex... tracking her online, trespassing through her personal calendar, harassing her through emails and texts, and otherwise being a level 1 sex offender.
(Listen to the audio in the iPhone spot)

leicaman says:

Actually, I think he's just another typical TV surfer. He hates ads.
And video without people in them. He was barking at the HBO logo too!
Funny stuff.

eahinrichsen says:

Can we get this little guy as the Android Central mascot?

David Strom says:

The funny thing is, this is a parody ad, not a genuine Apple one.

That Guy says:

I mean, the iPhone isnt for everyone..

Julio12 says:

mmmm...maybe he is just barking because the iphone ad is louder in volume then the other shows and is obnoxious to