Monday Brief: The new iPad, Google Play, and Ashley makes a Maxim video

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Ashley Esqueda

Blogger. Host. Gamer. The self-proclaimed Honey Badger of Tech. Made of unicorn dust and sarcasm.

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Monday Brief: The new iPad, Google Play, and Ashley makes a Maxim video


or everyone can baalcsliy use one dollar and get a much cooler app that looks like the iphone texting app in the app storeand it suppports texting numbers under ten digits(for example voting for american idol) and textplus doesnt..

I watched the video 3 times and never heard a word she said. Needless to say that she is getting my vote.

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I'm sure lots of men appreciate the cleavage, and yes, cleavage is marvelous, but I think her posts lower the quality of content on this site rather than raise it. If she's going to go that far out of her way to call attention to her appearance, I have to ask... is something wrong with her eyes? Allergies, maybe? Or is she on something?
Sure, she's hot, but I'm glad there seem to be fewer of her posts on iMore than were on TiPb.

This game looks awesome but when I go to buy it it says I don't have OpenGL grcpihas or something. This game is supposed to work on iPod Touch 3gen HELP!!!

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