'Monkey Island' creator's adventure game The Cave comes to iOS Thursday

Sega has announced plans to launch The Cave for iOS on Thursday. The game was created by Ron Gilbert, a veteran game designer who made the first two Monkey Island games, Maniac Mansion and other hit games. It'll be $4.99.

The Cave is an adventure game with puzzles to solve. You select three of seven characters to explore a magical talking cave. The mechanics of the game will be familiar to anyone who's played platformers; you can explore the inner recesses of the cave by collecting objects.

The Cave was released for Mac, PC and game console platforms earlier this year, but this marks the iOS debut.

Are you a Monkey Island fan? Looking forward to this one? Or have you already played it on another platform? Let me know in the comments.

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Peter Cohen

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Reader comments

'Monkey Island' creator's adventure game The Cave comes to iOS Thursday


Strange thing is I find that I don’t play on my computer anymore (even though I have a few AAA games that await my attention on my rMbP) I always go to my iPad. So I passed this game up because I knew I just wouldn’t play it (I barely made it through Trine2) - I will definitely grab it now (well thursday anyways).

And by the way, this game doesn’t really relate to Monkey Island games (apart from the humour maybe - and it’s game designer of course).

I must admit, I have my curiosity peaked about this one. I will probably check it out on Thursday. I too hope that the $5 up front price is not hiding any IAPs.

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