Monty Python are reuniting in London, delve into the archives with iTunes!

Legendary comedy group Monty Python are all set to reunite for a one-off live show at London's O2 Arena next year, and fans old and new can get their Python fix with iTunes! Tickets for the show go on sale at 10:00 on November 25, and they'll be tough to get your hands on, but what better time to relive the classic Monty Python content than now!

iTunes has you covered with a bunch of Python video and audio content, and while some of it may be limited availability by region, here's a handy list of some of the best available from iTunes now!

So, that's a selection of what iTunes has to offer, but what's your favorite Python moment? Let me know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Monty Python are reuniting in London, delve into the archives with iTunes!


Meaning if Life is an under appreciated gem. Some of the funniest and most clever stuff Python ever did. So if you haven't seen it be sure to!

I am sure the new live show will spawn a DVD/iTunes special and I look forward to that. I wouldn't be surprised if this one-off snow is testing the waters for something bigger too.

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Ahh the memories! I grew up on a steady diet of Monty Python. Great to see a resurgence.

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So much great humor, but there are two standouts:

For feature films, IMO the Holy Grail is the funniest movie ever made. I don't see it ever being surpassed. SO MANY classic moments.

For the TV show, the Restaurant Sketch with the dirty fork from Season 1 absolutely puts me on the floor every time!

Can't wait for the reunion.

Man there are SO many Monty Python sketches I'd love to mention but I don't know where to start. This should be awesome!

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It's because of the news of this reunion that really got me into finding more about them. I mean I've always seen bits and clips on YouTube and PBS, but learning about their history and type of humor has really sparked my interest.

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