Mophie taking pre-orders for 64GB version of iPhone5/5s Space Pack

mophie space pack

Mophie is now taking pre-orders for a 64GB version of its Space Pack for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, which not only adds more battery life to the smartphone but more storage space as well.

Like the 16GB and 32GB versions that were first introduced at CES 2014 in January, the 64GB version allows iPhone owners to increase their local storage by accessing it via an app called Space. It also comes with a 1700mAh battery that should allow users to keep using their iPhone for up to twice the normal time period.

The price for the 64GB version of the Mophie Space Pack is $249.95, and shipments for the first pre-orders are expected to begin on July 22. What do you think about this new model of the Space Pack and will it be worth the rather expensive price tag to have all that extra storage space?

Source: Mophie

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Mophie taking pre-orders for 64GB version of iPhone5/5s Space Pack


Agree. Now it is almost too late to buy one of these cases as the 6 will be out and then you just spent all that money for nothing. I wish these would be available at launch.

I hate those cases because you usually can only use it with one phone design. I have a Nexus 5 and an iPhone 5s and that mophie case would not work with my Nexus 5. I use a battery pack instead which allows you to use it with any phone.

Well clearly a case made for phone x isn't going to work with phone y.... Not to mention one having a 5" screen and the other having a 4" screen would make it hard for a case to be one size fits all.

I would say it is a good deals. Longer battery life and all that storage! Have to do something since Apple is more worried about thickness than battery life!

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A good deal? You can get a decent smartphone SIM free (with a larger battery and all) for that money. LOL. These guys are aiming at Apple-like margins, it seems.

$250.00?, Too much!!, that's more than the cost of the upgrade, no thanks, and why would you get this when iPhone 6 is right around the corner?

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Everybody buys a new phone every year? Really? A top-end one thousand dollar phone every 12 months? I don't think so. Where I live, iPhone 4S is the top-selling iPhone model, priced at around USD 400-500; 5S will probably take its place next year, and in turn become the top-selling iP model.

Does anyone have any opinions on the storage portion and the app you need to use? I've seen these and I feel like it may not be an optimal solution.

I like the idea, but at that price this late in the iPhone 5S case game, I'll pass.

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I have the iPhone 5s with 64gb of internal storage. Don't like those oversized cases, that is one reason why I bought the iphone to begin with. Much smarter to buy the iphone with the 64gb of int storage to begin with.

If they made a 320gb one or even a 200, I'd consider it. I really need something to replace my iPod Classic 160gb, and it's not going to be "the cloud."