More bandwidth for AT&T, what does this mean for Apple?


Information Week has posted an article discussing how the spectrum action is going. You remember, the wireless 700MHz spectrum action that is freed up from analog TV? Anyway, Verizon has won the largest segment of the bandwidth spending $9.6 billion to do so. Guess who's number 2? You guessed it kids, AT&T. AT&T spent $6.6 billion for their share. What does this mean? Well for starters the FCC says that the bandwidth being auctioned off must be kept open and usable on any network; no more of this lock-down on a carrier mumbo-jumbo. Then there is Google coming with Android later this year...

So what impact does this have on the iPhone? Will Apple sell an iPhone on a segment of the open bandwidth? Could the 3G iPhone run only on AT&T's 3G network and the EDGE iPhones run on the "open" spectrum?

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More bandwidth for AT&T, what does this mean for Apple?

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...or could the Apple/AT&T agreement already spell out that Apple can only produce phones for use in the US that run only on the old "closed" AT&T network until contract end?