Moshi shows off Versacover for iPad mini at Macworld|iWorld 2013

Unlike CES 2013, when you hit the show floor at Macworld|iWorld 2013, you didn't feel like iPhone and iPad cases were flying at you like the armory scene in the Matrix. The sanity was refreshing. It allowed us to better see and appreciate what was there, including gems like the Moshi Versacover, originally for the big boy iPad, and now newly remodeled for the iPad mini.

Jennifer Kutz gave us a demo, including the numerous ways the foldable cover could be used to prop up the iPad for watching videos or typing. Instead of three vertical folds like Apple's Smart Cover, the Versacover has a series of folds on three angles, allowing for a variety of shapes to be formed. There's also a back to the case to protect the aluminum unibody of your iPad mini, and a magnet on the back so, when you fold the cover over, it actually stays in place, and doesn't flop around.

Now that's smart.

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Moshi shows off Versacover for iPad mini at Macworld|iWorld 2013


Damn she's tall.

Love Moshi products. I have their Cardetto reader and its saved a lot of time. they'll have interesting products at every level.