Mplayit! Wants to Let Your Share, Demo iPhone Apps via Facebook


Mplayit! [Facebook link] is a new online service that aims to let your Facebook friends share iPhone app recommendations with you -- and then take it one step further and actually let you see videos, demos, and other information before you decide to buy it via the iTunes App Store.

Now anything with iPhone and Facebook in the title is no doubt attention-grabbing, but as the App Store zooms past 100,000, discoverability is going to need fixing, if not from Apple than from a ton of independent thinkers just so something (anything) can shake out. Is Mplayit! it?

Mplayit introduces “playable discovery” for the iPhone today in its new Facebook app store and said it would add Android and Blackberry in the coming months. Rather than hunting and pecking for reviews and top lists, the Facebook page shows real “apptivity” that is going on in app stores so users can see which apps are receiving the most downloads, reviews, plays. In coming weeks, mobile users will also be able to see the “apptivity” within their social network so they can clearly see which apps their friends and family are most interested in.

Our guess is it will depend on how many popular apps they can really show off in a way that's compelling for users. If you check it out, let us know what you think.

(And really, anything that keeps Facebookers busy, and not hitting "invite all" to spam online friends with random events on other continents -- is huge.)

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Rene Ritchie

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Mplayit! Wants to Let Your Share, Demo iPhone Apps via Facebook


The guy who invented "Invite All" and "Reply All" should be drawn and quartered. Frig That Guy

I've never opened even one Facebook invite, request, app, quiz, or any other nonsense. I just want to read what friends have to say, that's it. Period.
I'll just hide this service, too. Not interested in knowing what childish games people are wasting their lives with.

RON JEREMY SAYS Ya apple needs people to find a way to discover that outta 100,000 apps 75,000 are worthless. THIS SHOULD HELP.

Great to leverage the power of Facebook. Many users, however, really do ignore notifications related to games and apps as security is a real issue with Facebook. We recently launched App Popular for the iPhone in order to help users discover, track and share the world's iPhone apps. We're hard at work adding additional discovery features. It's still early in the game. What happens when there are a million iPhone apps? Most people are overwhelmed and rely exclusively on the recommendation of people they know or respect.