mSecure 3.0, a password manager for iPhone and iPad, now available

mSeven Software has updated their mSecure - Password Manager to 3.0 to include Dropbox support, groups, and sharing via Email, SMS and clipboard.

If you do not yet use a password manager, I recommend checking this out. Don't be like my mom and use password retrieval via the "forgot my password" links as a technique for using secure passwords.

mSecure for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch offers a convenient and secure solution for storing and syncing your important information.

  • Auto-lock to protect the app from prying eyes
  • Password Generator to create un-guessable passwords
  • Sync Everywhere™ cloud data protection architecture not dependent on security of cloud service.
  • Free backup utility to keep data safe
  • Email attachment backup/restore for quick backups
  • Optional self-destruct if hacker attempts to guess your password
  • Seventeen standard templates for fast data entry with the ability to create custom templates with UNLIMITED fields
  • Over 100 icons to personalize your records
  • Integrated search, sort, and collapsible section headers
  • Full landscape support (optional)

The update includes:

  • Cloud sync support via Dropbox
  • Sync Everywhere architecture to protect cloud sync data
  • Groups feature for categorizing records
  • Favorite records group
  • Share records via Email, SMS and clipboard
  • Access sync functions from main view
  • Keep track of your record counts by group and type
  • Email attachment backup/restore for quick backups
  • Convenience toolbar added to item info panel
  • Theme personalization
  • Font and Font size selector
  • Duplicate records
  • Pull down integrated search function
  • All mSecure platforms updated to support new features

mSecure - Password Manager is available on the iPhone and iPad for $6.99.

[App Store link]

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There are 10 comments. Add yours.

Timothy Lutz says:

Looks ok but hard to beat 1Password,I use both iPhone and on my Mac,totally lost with out!

Idon't Know says:

Except 1password/Agile just decided to screw their customers by charing them again for what they already bought and removed features.

Wayne Williams says:

No, they give you a refund if you bought on the website so you can buy on the App Store. That's what they do, and what they did for me.

hazmat says:

How do you figure? 1P full version updates are always paid. $20 is cheaper than the v2 to v3 update was, and this includes a free update to v4. So basically you're paying $20 for the 4.0 update.

Manny Utah says:

Lastpass while requiring a premium account for iPhone use is hard to beat.

Kiwiinoz says:

Why do all these programs charge for both the desktop & iPhone versions. Why not bundle, pay a bit more for the iPhone version and get the key for the desktop version? I'd buy that . . .

Graham says:

Finally! This one is a winner for me!

bish says:

I've been using mSecure now for the last year and half and I love it on both my iPhone and my mac and there is also a pc version if your so inclined. There is just so much versatility when it comes to how you organize everything it's a really great product.

KovalJ says:

SafeWallet is my choice. I love their UI better - super intuitive, clients for all platforms and much better features set.

Cason534 says:

Does anyone know if you can retreive a password? I use it daily and now I can not get in!!!! Use it without a password for a year great, a month ago put the password and use it daily, my iphone had to be resynk'ed and this has happened?