mSecure for iOS and Mac 50% off for a limited time, and now comes with iCloud sync!

Password managers are a mightily useful thing to have around, but at the same time they're not the most affordable apps for your iOS devices or your Mac. It's tough to put a price on security, but if you've been holding off for a sale then mSecure might be just what you're looking for. For a limited time, both iOS and Mac versions are 50% off their regular price, and with the latest updates iCloud sync is now also included!

Until now, cloud syncing of your mSecure information has required a Dropbox account, so the added option of being able to use your iCloud account to sync between your Mac and your iOS device is a welcome one. While 1Password is no doubts the popular choice when it comes to managing passwords and sensitive information across your devices, mSecure is a more than competent alternative.

If you'd like to see a comparison of mSecure to some of the other leading alternatives, then be sure to check out our shootout with 1Password and Lastpass. To get a copy of mSecure for yourselves at the special promotional price, head over the the iOS and Mac App Stores.

Which is your preferred password management solution, and why? Does this price cut to mSecure make it a much more compelling choice for you? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

mSecure for iOS and Mac 50% off for a limited time, and now comes with iCloud sync!


I've had this for two years since the day I left blackberry and it's done the job to the T
However I don't remember it being so expensive.
I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed the update this week now my iPad and iPhone can have all the info and up to date!

Bought these and disappointed to see that the Mac version does not support any browsers. I am not comfortable pasting passwords to clipboard on Mac, so it isn't very helpful. Mobile version can fill in user names and passwords with built-in browser. Not being able to do this in Mac seems like a major drawback.

I don't use that feature but I could imagine the inconvenience of not having it if your one who uses it.
But I like remembering some especially the common passwords just for my own personal need to know.