Multifl0w update brings Cards/Pages-style multitasking to iPhone [Jailbreak]


Multifl0w was recently updated in Cydia and brings a WebOS-like "Cards" (or Mobile Safari "Pages" if you're Apple-centric) interface to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad multitasking system.

Multifl0w has been available in Cydia for some time now, but previously only allowed for an exposé display of apps (up to 9 at a time) running in the background. The mod features smooth animations and is low on system resources, and also packs full Activator integration for gesture support. If you've ever used ProSwitcher in the past then you'll be familiar with the way Multifl0w handles app switching.

I prefer Multifl0w over the stock iOS app-switcher dock and have been using it on both my iPhone and iPad for the past day or so with no crashes or hiccups. Multifl0w is available in the Cydia Store now for $4.99. Check out the pics after the jump, and let us know if you've seen any bugs or issues with the update in the comments!


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Andrew Wray

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Multifl0w update brings Cards/Pages-style multitasking to iPhone [Jailbreak]


I've used this before but every time I close something I open the native app switcher and the app stays open...any suggestions? Thanks

The only app I've noticed this with is camera, it never seems to close. Do you use the swipe up method or the close box to quit apps? I usually swipe up to close my apps and they're always removed from the app switcher, save for the camera.

I usually use the swipe up method...I'll just take another crack at it just because you inspired me too lol, thanks for the response!

Dear Steve,
Please please implement this in iOS 5. HP/Palm HW is dog plops but WebOS and particularly it's implementation of multitasking are brills.

has this cards interface become the only style for multiflow or do you have the choice to keep it in the "expose" style if you want?

This is the first time I checked it out and it looks and functions great! However, is there a way to toggle the rotate landscape/portrait option? I like this better than the stock iOS multitask menu but I toggle the rotation a few times a day :-/

In response to my last post - I noticed that if I choose to activate Multifl0w with something other than a double tap, I can use Apple's bulit-in menu. However, I like the double tap activation method. Hmmm now I'm stuck. :-/

You can remove the double-tap option from either the Multifl0w settings or directly within Activator's settings menu. I currently use the swipe-up gesture to toggle Multifl0w and remapped the double-tap home back to the default app-switcher (from Activator settings). That way the stock method is still in place if I need to bring up the stock switcher for whatever reason.

This is a great update. You know what I'd love to now see in this app? The ability to use Activator to access both the Expose AND cards view. Both are great for different purposes so I'd like to double tap on my status bar to active the Expose view, and then swipe up in an app to activate the cards view.
Just a thought :)

I still prefer the Expose-style interface, it's much quicker to switch when you can see all the open apps at once. Nice to have the option for those that want it, though. Multifl0w ties with SBSettings for my desert-island jailbreak tweak.
What I want to see in the next update is the iPod controls and rotation lock the native task switcher gives us, always there in a corner of the Multifl0w Expose view.

Love the new feature. Really missed since pro switcher. And the app icons it's a +. And one that is still missing! How the Hell can i turn off/on the orientation lock if my fast app switch is disabled?

I love the new feature! I've missed it since Proswitcher. I never liked the Expose-type multitasking, but it was still better than the native AppSwitcher!