Quick App: Multi-Photo Sends More than One Photo in a Single Email

Here is yet another case of a 3rd party developer picking up the slack for Apple. Sorry, we are not here to tell you that you can now have true MMS like the Portuguese! But we are here to let you know that you can now send multiple photos in a single email with Aqua Eagles new app, Multi-Photo. [iTunes Link] Read more after the break!

This app is a no brainer for anyone looking to email multiple photos, and for the low price of $0.99 you can not go wrong. More importantly, Multi-Photo is simple to use. First you need to setup your mail account within the app. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let you simply choose an existing account on your phone but it does automatically setup certain account types such as MobileMe. Enter in your username and password and you are good to go.

While sending photos, you have the option to select photos from your Camera Roll or Photo Library. Simply tap "Add Photo" on each photo you'd like to send, type in or select a recipient (You can use your address book) for your email, enter a subject line and any text you may want, and finally hit send. You've just sent multiple photos in a single email on a Apple iPhone!

*It is important to note, in the settings you have the option to compress the images or not. It is set to on by default.

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Reader comments

Quick App: Multi-Photo Sends More than One Photo in a Single Email


A much needed feature. Too bad it's got to be added via 3rd party app. I have only one question - what's with the faux wood background?

The hideous wood background comes from so many people wanting Apple to "open up more" for developers. Damn shame.

Got it. Kind of a pain to set up because it won't let you use existing accounts, but it works and is better than sending an email per picture.
Its a shame Apple does not provide this functionality within the email program on the iPhone.

Sad, I selercted VERIZON for Forum info. And responses, but I get APPLE Apps. Any chance this cool App. Is available or may work with Verizon? Thank you... Great forum and extemely helpful people, unlike some internet forums! Thank You, again...

I've played around with the app and I'm liking it quite a bit. In regards to that wood background, it's not in your actual email; it's the the background display for the App itself.
Also in the few tests I've done, it seems to me that this App sends multiple photos even faster than Mail.app sends one.

@Ben, it sends them faster due to compression. You can shut that off it the options. It will slow it down a bit though while sending.

I have just bought the software.
Tried to send ans e-mail and photo to test it.
It failed. It told me that the SMTP is not corrected configured.
I use Gmail account. I checked on google site and the explanations they give how to configure this king of account are exactly the way my account was configured, but my attempts failed.
Where it went wrong?
TIA for any assistance