Napster Will Not Be Appearing in the App Store Anytime Soon


Lars Ulrich rejoice, Napster will NOT be heading into Apple's coveted App Store any time soon. Strange considering they once toyed with our emotions by mentioning an iPhone app was in the works? Sadly, unlike Spotify, it is just not going to happen anytime in the near future. Did Apple reject it? No, so do not go ditching your iPhone for a Android or RIM device just yet -- Napster have scrapped apps for those devices as well.

One of the most common questions Napster receives is, “When will you offer an iPhone app?” Well, Napster has created an iPhone application that allows subscribers to stream music on-demand to their iPhone—including personal playlists, albums and radio stations. You can imagine the company is also looking at streaming applications for several other mobile platforms as well (Blackberry, Android). However, due to the high licensing fees for streaming to a mobile phone, Napster has not yet submitted the iPhone app to Apple for approval or attempted to bring the application to market.

Now let's think about this for a moment, they put their iPhone application on hold due to "high licensing fees". If Spotify and Rhapsody can pull it off why can't Napster? Maybe it's due to the fact those companies charge $10.00 more a month for their service perhaps.

Whatever the case may be, would you be willing for fork over some extra cash to get Napster on your iPhone?

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Napster Will Not Be Appearing in the App Store Anytime Soon


It's too bad Napster isn't on iPhone. I've found that there is much more music available on Napster than Rhapsody, although the web interface isn't as nice.

Although my first thought was "Napster... Cool...." but really it's much more than just a cool idea for an app. Using the iTunes store is really all I need for that!

I think most of you don't understand what Napster does. For $5/month you can stream full versions of almost any song ever recorded at any time - not just a preview, or your shared tunes. You can also download 5 DRM-free songs/month - so in effect, the streaming is free. For $15/month, you can stream whatever you want, and download high-quality versions of anything to supported players. Unfortunately for Napster, I will be migrating to a Macbook soon so will likely have to give up the "Napster-To-Go" membership eventually. And yes, I know I could dual-boot, or use an emulation program.

Again, since people seem to clearly not undestand what Napster does: It let's you play almost ANY song from almost ANY artist...not just similar songs like's like a musical on-demand service. And as mentioned, for $5, in addition to unlimited streaming of the exact songs you want hear, you get to OWN 5 mp3's, so it basically pays for itself! I have a Pre which is also not supported by Napster yet...but if Apple supported Napster, i'd probably switch...the service is that useful.

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