NASCAR comes to iOS gaming for the first time with Redline

The first official NASCAR-licensed game made it to the App Store this week with the release of Eutechnyx's NASCAR: Redline, a "strategy racing" game that puts you in control of a NASCAR driver and crew.

This isn't a straight up arcade-style racing game where you drive around making endless left turns. It's a strategy sim in which you decide how you're going to upgrade your car, train your pit crew and tell your driver what to do when he's out on the track. You decide when to pit to fuel up, switch tires and fix problems; you decide how to handle dangerous situations out on the track.

The game includes a roster of 43 drivers, teams, sponsors and tracks straight from the 2013 season.

Are you disappointed that this isn't a game with more emphasis on the driver? Or does the strategy aspect of competition racing intrigue you? Sound off in the comments.

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Reader comments

NASCAR comes to iOS gaming for the first time with Redline


What could be more boring than driving around in circles? Hmm, _not_ driving around in circles, I guess. Probably won't be buying this one.

so wait, you don't actually get to race? you just plan a strategy? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLLOLOLLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOL no thanks. i was about to run to the car to get my ipad but i'm ok if that's all this is. this is a joke, one that isn't particularly funny.

i just looked at it in the app store, one of the pictures they show has the indianapolis logo on the daytona track and the daytona logo on the indianapolis track.

I actually like the idea of having a strategy based NASCAR game. Might have to check this out. Watch out Chad Knaus.

Could be fun. Seems like it could be kind of boring though since there's so much dead time between stops etc....I'll have to check out some reviews.

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Hi I'm Jakub - community manager for NASCAR Redline. Thanks for mentioning our game on pages Peter!

Redline is indeed something different in racing games world - the biggest part of it is strategy and quick decision making that, when done right, can be really rewarding. I personally love this game and it helped me to learn a lot about NASCAR in general from the perspective of a crew member.

@joshrocker - the thing about Redline is you will never get bored by playing it, the game sucks you in as soon as you start your first race, then you want to get the next upgrade and in the end you realise it's 4 in the morning and you're still playing it :)

I'll be checking out this space every few days for your comments guys, so if you have any questions about Redline feel free to post them here and I'll do my best to answer.