Native Instruments brings Traktor DJ to iPhone

Native Instruments has released an iPhone version of its pro DJ software, Traktor DJ. The new version of NI's DJ software follows the iPad release from earlier this year, at a much lower price point.

If you're accustomed to the skeumorphic turntable-style interface found in a lot of DJ software, Traktor DJ will seem very different - NI has opted instead for a waveform interface that works better on a small screen. Features include direct access to your iTunes music library; song recommendations based on tempo and key; eight DJ effects like Reverb, Delay and glitch effects; crossfader, three-band EQ and filter on each channel; and, if you're a Dropbox user, the ability to sync metadata with Traktor Pro software on your computer.

Amazingly, the software costs a scant $4.99; that's one-fourth the price of its iPad cousin and a mere fraction of the $89 NI charges for Traktor Pro 2.

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Native Instruments brings Traktor DJ to iPhone


As a professional dj, I love traktor. It is the best dj software. Of course the iPhone version won't have the same features as the desktop version, but its still very fun to play with!