NAVIGON celebrates App Store anniversary with 50% off sale

NAVIGON MobileNavigator for iOS 4

NAVIGON has been on the iTunes App Store for one year, and to celebrate the anniversary they're offering 50% off their turn-by-turn navigation apps and in-app purchases, including MobileNavigator and MyRegion:

To kick off its second year in the App Store, NAVIGON is celebrating for four days (August 12-15) with a half-off promotion for all North American MobileNavigator apps and most other country versions. The In App Purchase options Traffic Live and Panorama View 3D are also 50 percent off. The additional maps in the MyRegion app get a discount of more than 30 percent.

I recently tried MobileNavigator for the first time when I took a trip up north. We were going to be going through areas of no cell coverage so I couldn't use the built-in, online Maps app (because they wouldn't load without data). MobileNavigator puts all the maps on your iPhone so even if you lose data, you still have GPS and it can still display the maps. Sure, it makes for a big download (over 1.5GB for all of North America) but I must say it was amazing. It was very smooth and we never noticed when we dropped from 3G to EDGE or offline -- it just kept navigating. It even reminded us about a side trip we'd forgotten about on the way and helped us find a restaurant we just couldn't locate (we had to trust it though, our own sense of north and south had betrayed us!)

All in all I was very happy with it so if you're looking for an on-board, offline navigation app for your iPhone, and NAVIGON interests you, this is a great time to try it out. (If you do, make sure you tell me how it works for you).

[iTunes link]

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Reader comments

NAVIGON celebrates App Store anniversary with 50% off sale


Sounds cool, but what's the price before or after the 50% discount? Unless I missed it, you didn't include the actual price in the article. I could click on the iTunes link, but I don't have iTunes on my work computer, and the app-specific iTunes web page doesn't come up for some reason. (Besides, iTunes links can be a pain even if I do have it installed.) can you just include the discounted price in the article?

Try to include the price in the article, artard. I'd expect this from Rene, but not Georgia.

matthew, my wife and i have both those add-ons.
my wife has what one might call a "traffic rich commute" and we live in seattle near I-5, which can get very clogged up at times, nullifying its typical speed advantage over alternate routes. i'd say "live traffic" is definitely worth it if you live in a city with traffic problems. otherwise probably not.
by "panoramic view" i'm assuming you mean the 3D terrain add-on. we have that too, and while it makes the map look nicer i wouldn't call it a "must have" feature. we enjoy it for the novelty of the thing, since we are geo-geeks, but i wouldn't say it has ever helped us navigate better.
one thing i've noticed is that the app drains my wife's 3GS phone battery faster than our car charger can recharge it, so it will drain her phone's battery over time. this takes over 8 hours of driving/navigating, so it isn't a problem on most trips - though still annoying. i sometimes wonder if she'd get better battery performance by turning off the 3D terrain mode.
hope my comment has been of some help.

Hmmm. How does this compare to the TomTom app? I already have TomTom on my iPhone but sometimes find it to be not as great as I would hope. Should I go ahead and get this?
Also, I just noticed that they seemed to have just released a USA specific app as well. Kinda nice for those not planning to travel out of the country much.

I like the "view" feature. Not a must though.
Live traffic hasn't helped at all. Anytime the Tigers are playing it flags I-75 as "Ballgame" and routes you around it. It has been accurate with delay speeds during rush hour but the feature hasn't assisted me once yet. Had it since the iPhone 4 launch.
It sucks hard on the battery though, if you're on a long trip you'll need to keep it plugged in.

Why don't you just use Google Nav?? I think the Google Nav works better than my Garmin sometimes...

Have navigon east... Just bought live traffic for 10$ for our yearly vaca, plus 4-5x a year down east coast to Atlantic City. Got east ed. On last sale for 14.99 so for 25$ I have great gps app with live traffic and no monthly or yearly fees

I have traffic and panorama view and like both a lot. They're nice to haves rather than must haves, but once you get used to your navigation having it looks better and help more is certainly an advantage.

Just bought this. Trying to decide about Traffic and 3D. Does anyone know if updates of maps are free?

Last update a few weeks ago was free. I bought the east region a few months back for 14.99, it's great and made our Fla vacation much easier. The only complaint I have is when I'm in the city (Atlanta - presumably due to the high rise buildings) the GPS has trouble locking on to my position.

@Jeff... thank you for answering my question of why you guys don't use Google for Nav.. i asked twice, but i guess no one knew the answer till you came along.. so i wonder why you can't use turn by turn on the iPhone?? sucks for you b/c it's great!
@Eric... it's not superior buddy.. you're just paying for something with less functionality.

@Fred- you are a child. If you don't like Rene's or anyone that contributes effort here- stop coming to the website. Simple solution to the pent up angst you have.

@Franky @Fred - I agree with Franky, who needs the negative attitude man? Nobodys forcing you to leave a comment or indeed read the article......

Downloading the MobileNavigator USA one now to my laptop at home. I'll install it when I get home and give it a go next weekend when I'm out of town for a fight. Hopefully it works good and I'll bring my dash GPS to compare it to.

I'm in the market to buy a gps app. The question is Tom Tom or Navigon? Comments from currents users of these apps appreciated.

I'm using MotionX's 30 day free trial now. When I saw this, I was about to bite and buy it. However, reviewers on iTunes are reporting that, for iPhone 4 at least, every time they launch the app, it prompts them for their iTunes password. One reviewer contacted their support and was brushed off, told it was an Apple problem (if so, why does it happen only with Navigon?). Based on this, I may stay with MotionX (I've like it) or go with Tom-Tom.

Re: Navigon... proceed with caution. I'd been thinking about buying a navigation app, so when I saw the price cut here, I jumped. Suffice it to say that I'm less than pleased. The interface can charitably be described as baffling, and so far I haven't been able to figure out how to put in a destination address that the device will actually accept. All attempts so far (and I've probably spent two hours working on it) have resulted in the device substituting addresses a few blocks to a few miles away from what I'm actually trying to enter.
This app may be (relatively) cheap, but so far, it sucks.