NAVIGON introduces iPhone car kit, updates Traffic Live

NAVIGON, makes of the turn-by-turn app MobileNavigator, have introduced a "design focused" iPhone car kit. It includes an iPhone mounting cradle (suction pad type), an Apple-certified connection cord and a car charger.

"The iPhone is the most elegant smartphone available, therefore a mount should never get in the way of showcasing the design," said Gerhard Mayr, vice-president worldwide mobile phones & new markets, NAVIGON. “The new NAVIGON car kit is a stylish example of German tech design with its “barely there” look, letting iPhone users navigate in style." The mount is easy to fix to the windshield, reduces driver distraction and positions the iPhone for optimal GPS signal. The included car charger and the five foot long connection cable (combined $25 value) make sure the iPhone battery doesn’t drain. The NAVIGON Car Kit is now available for the iPhone 3G/S and 4 and sells for $49.99 with free shipping (introductory price of $44.99 until Feb 3, 2011) from

They've also updated their Traffic Live feature to include more comprehensive traffic feeds from INRIX, increasing road coverage by 76% to over 200,000 miles across North America. Major changes include integration of more than 87,000 miles of secondary roads, for example city streets and arterials.

Anyone looking for a navigation-specific cradle?

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NAVIGON introduces iPhone car kit, updates Traffic Live


For the same price Magellen makes one with a speaker and GPS booster. I think I'll go with that one.

I bought the navigon app for my iPhone. I stopped using because it constantly brings me to the wrong place. I am back to using the maps app. It works everytime. Not having "turn by turn" beats arriving at a destination of what you realize to be a similar name half hour away from where you are supossed to be.

I love Navigon. I have that and CoPilot Live. I use both but have definitely developed a preference for Navigon. Better interface and I like the speed limit advisories.

Do you need to update your app to get the new traffic module, or is this a server-side update?

I'd like to buy this but they made them too custom, what if they change the phone's design again? Then you stuck with a kit that doesn't fit the new iPhone in a few months.

Over-priced even at $45 introductory. It offers nothing to complement/enhance the app, no speaker, no gps chip...its just another car mount. Designed to cradle iphones w/o cases, they'll definitely miss out on the vast majority that use protective cases.

Hmm. They introduce the Navigon Kit now? The really weird thing is that I got this kit as a Christmas gift. Did Navigon release it in Europe before the rest of the world?

gentlemen, I have an iPhone 4 and I have purchased several Europe maps but I can not find a way to update this maps (package Europe 20-package 3D-Package bonus-package security and relax. I need help, thank you.
My name: Solyom György in Hungary-e mail