Neptor dual battery charger for iPhone and iPad review

The Neptor dual battery charger for iPhone and iPad is cute, colorful, and powerful enough to charge up to two of your devices while you're on the go. There a 2.1A USB port for iPads and 1.0A port for iPhones. It's capable of fast charge if you're really in a pinch and even has a flashlight built in if you're also in the dark.

Because it's small, the Neptor only carriers enough juice to charge an iPad almost to full force one time, but it can easily replenish and iPhone. It doesn't come with a built-in Lightning connector, only USB ports, so you'll have to supply your own. Also, colors are limited to blue, green, orange, pink, and red, so if you're a fan of classic black, you'll need to look elsewhere.

I really like the looks of the Neptor. There are alternatives that are bigger and carry more charge but if you want something sleek and just a little sexy, the Neptor is a good choice.

What do you currently use to charge your iPhone and iPad when on the go? Let me know so I can check it out!

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Neptor dual battery charger for iPhone and iPad review


For the same price, you can buy the Anker Astro E4. it has a 13000 mAh battery compared to the 5600 here. or there's the Anker Astro 5600mAh at half the price of this. No sense in paying more when the cheaper version work just as well (I've used both regularly over the last year)

Anker's value can't be beat. I paid $35 for the 10,000 mAh charger, and it's very high quality. Even with both my phone and tablet connected at once, it charges very quickly.

I have the pebble pro 13,000 mah. Can charge my iphone 5 about 5 times from 10% remaining battery. Can also be used to charge notebooks.

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Been using the New Trent 12000 mAh for some time. It holds a charge for a long time. Until it quits working, I will keep it. By the way Georgia, I had a flashlight with a similar lanyard. I used a tooth pick, and tweezers to attach it. Still took several try's.

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I bought a battery pack on ebay for my iphone for like 20 bucks and it came with a bunch of accessories too and its been working out awesome! It doubles up as a case and it actually looks pretty nice. The downside is the added bulk but it's so easy to put it on and off that it hasn't really bothered me. I wouldn't really want to spend 50 bucks on a portable my opinion. But that is a very pretty portable charger!