Nest Protect is back on sale for $99, gesture control not included

Nest Protect

Two months after taking the Nest Protect off shelves and issuing 440,000 recalls, Nest has announced that the smoke detector is now available for sale at a reduced price of $99.

Originally retailing for $129, the Nest Protect was removed from store shelves on April 3rd as it was found that a feature that allowed users to silence notifications with a hand gesture wasn't functioning properly. It was discovered during testing that the Nest Wave feature allowed users to unintentionally deactivate the alarm in the case of an actual fire.

Nest rolled out a software update within 24 hours that remotely disabled this feature, and has since provided a way for customers to return their smoke detectors for a full refund.

After a month and a half since issuing the recall, Nest has resumed selling the Nest Protect with the Nest Wave feature disabled. Users looking to disable the alarm have to do it the old-fashioned way — by pressing a hardware button. Nest has announced that it is looking into alternative ways users can disable the alarm, but it is likely that hand gestures won't make a comeback. Even without Nest Wave, the smoke detector comes with features that include smartphone integration, ability to detect high carbon monoxide levels and an auto diagnostic mode that checks the integrity of the system every night.

Would you consider buying a smoke detector that you can monitor with your smartphone? If you answered yes, click here to buy the Nest Protect for $99.

Source: Nest Blog; Via: Engadget

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Nest Protect is back on sale for $99, gesture control not included


But since Nest is owned by Google now, shouldn't the Nest Protect be free (with ads)? Isn't that how Google kills off competition and innovation in a market segment?

I really like this product as an idea; but hasn't the execution been flawed. Before the deletion of many poor amazon reviews due to the recall, lots of reviewers were questioning whether it was as reliable or even as sensitive as much cheaper brands.... getting this bit right before the internet side of things, should have been the priority I would have thought?

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IoT has to start somewhere, but this seems a dumb place to do it. Like an alarm for when a tree falls in a forest, but nobody is there to hear it.

i would have bought this instantly before gurgle bought it, i won't even consider it now. i ger surveiled enough already.