Netflix has begun enforcing one movie stream at a time policy [Updated: Maybe not]

Netflix has begun enforcing one movie stream at a time policy

It seems like September 1 not only saw Netflix's new, controversial price plans go into effect, but it also saw them begin to enforce their "one movie stream at a time" policy, which means you can no longer have one video going on your iPhone and another on your iPad or Apple TV. Stop the Cap! breaks down your choices moving forward.

  1. Pay considerably more for a combo disc-rental/streaming plan which unlocks a corresponding number of concurrent streams. If you want two concurrent video streams, you will need to pay $19.98 a month, which also allows you two mailed DVD’s out at a time. Three streams (and DVD’s) runs $23.98, four: $29.98;
  2. Sign up for a second Unlimited Streaming account at an additional $7.99 a month;
  3. Forget about Netflix.

People don't mind paying a fair price for a fair service, but they general don't like feeling nickel and dimed. If the streams are all going to the same IP address, it seems excessive (or it seems like it's lacking a simple option to have a multi-stream account.) Anything that results in user frustration isn't good, not for us and not for Netflix.

Which way are you leaning?

UPDATE: Engadget says it might just be a glitch.

According to spokesman Steve Swasey, the policy is still the same and no Netflix member is limited to less than two streams at once. The messages people are seeing indicating otherwise? An "error" the company is correcting.

[Stop the Cap! via Mashable, Engadget]

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Netflix has begun enforcing one movie stream at a time policy [Updated: Maybe not]


Leaving Netflix...this is getting absurd...a great company with a visionary market that is now going to Nickel and Dime itself into obscurity.

wow talk about killing customer support. who ever thought this was a good idea should be fired! now with starz leaving and a huge price jump (not to mention i have probly seen evrything on netflix) and one streaming at a time (total bullshit) im probly gonna get up and leave too. as soon as im done watching the series im currently catching up on....

Can you guys get EpixHD? Check that out, they have awesome quality streams, it's movie channel movies plus classics, so you DON'T get PPV movies, and you need to have the Epix channel on your cable or sat provider, BUT if you can get it, the quality is amazing, and the streaming device client is free. It's available for PlayBook and Android for sure. I can't imagine it NOT having an ipad and iphone version. It's like HBOGo, BUT it actually works. ;)

One stream at a time has always been in their terms, they just haven't enforced it up until now. However, I still disagree with it. We should be able to stream on the 6 devices they allow us to authorize at whatever time we choose.

They're not limiting stream to one device per account, but ARE enforcing streaming to one device at a time.

Wow what greedy bastards. I've been a customer for 5 years. Even though we use both streaming and DVD, we opted for streaming. Now with this limited streaming I'm done out, so not worth it.

Incorrect. it works.
Although, I can understand if they did cap at one stream. If any of you guys griping about not getting two streams would allow me to use your house while you're at work, that'd be great. I mean why not?! You're already paying for it, so why should I have to..
Same with you car, pets and toothbrush. ;p

I detect lazy programming here. Looks like they wrote something like this:
NSString *errorMessage = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"There are %d movies being watched...", movieCount];
Should create a plural or non-plural message like this:
NSString *errorMessage;
if (movieCount == 1)
errorMessage = [NSString stringWithString:@"There is one movie being watched...";
errorMessage = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"There are %d movies being watched...", movieCount];

And people wonder why sane folks consider Objective-C a syntax nightmare, and why it only took off when Apple forced everybody to use it for iOS.