NetShare is Gone, what about PdaNet?


Seems like it's been an eternity since the pulling of the NetShare application officially brought us into the age of Apple pulling apps from the App Store on an almost daily basis. Without NetShare, the only folks who have been able to utilize their iPhones' 3G connection for Laptop connectivity have been the crazy ones.

For the rest of us, there's just the teeniest, tiniest glimmer of hope, that AT&T will relent and allow official tethering.

Until then it's a waiting game. While you wait, think a bit about folks on PalmOS and Windows Mobile, folks who can not only tether, but can tether in a special 'proxy mode' that's actually quite clever. See, when you tether, your carrier can tell you're tethering (and can therefore charge you more). What lucky users on these other platforms do is trick their networks into thinking they're just browsing via their phone. They do this via an awesome piece of software called PdaNet.

So: PdaNet for iPhone? It's still the waiting game:

Our latest response from Apple is that the PdaNet application will be given new "consideration". But that was more than a week ago and it still has an "In Review" status. There is not much we can do at this point but just to wait.

Sadly, that response from June Fabrics is now three weeks old and still no sign of PdaNet in the App Store, so things don't look so good.

Come on, Apple and AT&T, allowing us to tether our laptops to our iPhones would make an awesome "One More Thing."

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Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn is former editor-in-chief of Smartphone Experts, writing across iMore, Windows Phone Central, Android Central, and more. You can find him on Twitter (and everywhere else) @backlon.

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Reader comments

NetShare is Gone, what about PdaNet?


The Pdanet app for the iPhone rules. It kills netshare for sure. If anyone has used it on WM it works just as good on the iPhone, hopefully apple approves it

Apple knows that tethering is possible without the carrier being aware of it and that if it will be a reason for people to jailbreak the phone, opening up cydia as a competing app store, and potentially reducing interest in Apple's iPhone related services. If ATT is unreasonable about pricing or completely resistant to tethering, some people will go with jailbreaking. It's really just a numbers game.

Why does Apple still think it's all about keeping AT&T happy? The iPhone is international and Apple need to start thinking that way. So what if you can't tether in the US because of telco concerns? In many other parts of the world it is perfectly acceptable and allowed by the telcos. Get your act together Apple and start thinking beyond the US.

PDAnet for iphone is avail from cydia. It works great.
Here's the new how to tutorial for tethering an iphone. 4 easy steps
1) Install an app from Cydia called PdaNet
2) make adhoc network on laptop, name whatever, use encryption if you like.
3) join network with iphone
4) Launch PdaNet by tapping app
You then browse internet freely on laptop, use mail, chat applications, web, whatever. When finished, turn off the PdaNet router by touching a single button on screen.
I can't understand why this has not spread across the internet like wild fire.
It is a tethering application. Not a proxy, no configuration of applications needed. It resolves DNS queries. It actually, truly, shares the internet connection from phone to laptop. Chat, mail, web, whatever. I've used it, and it works great.
You make an adhoc network on the laptop. Join the network with the phone (just like joining WiFi network). And launch the app. From that point, the laptop has internet. Just like that. No other configuration needed what so ever. I did have to reboot the iphone after installing (the application told me to do it). And I am using TMobile unlimited Data plan, so they don't care if I tether. (they encourage it, and give instructions for other phones on hot to do it). I've seen very very little traction or mentioning of this application on internet sites.
Please spread the word. It makes Netshare, and the openssh proxy stuff look stupid.
I'm emailing all the iphone sites I can find, to try to get the word out. I have no affiliation with the software other than accidently finding it, and being unable to believe that no one seems to know about it yet
-Jason W

after updating my iphone to 2.1 it won't do the trick where the phone connected to wifi and 3g at the same time...
or am i doing something wrong?
I did use the socks method with firefox when i first got the phone and it worked but now if i am connected to wifi and then try searching the internet it just times out
anyone else have this or is mine the only iphone that can't use this app because i updated?

I am using iphone 2.0 with, OSX 10.5.5 mackbook pro, and pdanet. But once connected via pdanet/adhoc, only my apple mail app will successfully connect. firefox and safari dont. I get
: $CODE$
What the dealio?
I'm using t-mobile, with t-zones hack.
Any suggestions?

is the swatofre that you are using on your computer free not the one that u tell us to download but the ableton live thing plz reply fast