Nettelator for iPhone is Twittelator for

Next to Tweetbot, one of the most popular Twitter clients for iPhone is Twittelator neue, and just like Tapbots, Big Stone Phone has released an (ADN) client that closely resembles their popular Twitter client; it's called Nettelator.

Nettelator is almost identical to Twittelator Neue when it comes to interface and design featuring the same inline horizontal strips of photos, gestures, and even a similar icon. I have always been a huge fan of Twittelator Neue, but am left feeling a little disappointed with Nettelator.

First of all, the icon of an egg doesn't make sense for ADN like it does for Twitter (Twitter's logo is bird, ADN's logo is the greek letter alpha). Second, the profile pages are a huge disappointment, because instead of taking advantage of one of the things that sets ADN apart from Twitter, cover images, Nettelator uses it's signature in-line photo with the user's profile image. That just feels like laziness to me.

In general, I am not a fan of having identical apps for Twitter and ADN. I do understand the appeal of a seamless transition between the two services, but for me, I want my experience of the new service to also be new. When I use apps like Netbot and Nettelator, I get confused and forget which service I'm using, Twitter or ADN?

Am I crazy, or do others share the same sentiment?

For those of you who do like to have an identical experience on both ADN and Twitter and are also Twittelator Neue users, what do you think about Nettelator? Sound off in the comments below!

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Nettelator for iPhone is Twittelator for

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Having just joined, I can say that I would prefer some differentiation between apps. It is mildly confusing, and this with only one day of use (I went the Netbot route (iPad and iPhone) although I am considering Felix just because it would look different).