New and updated apps: Fantastical 2, Flipboard, Byword, and more!

New and updated apps: Fantastical 2, Flipboard, Byword, and more!

Every day dozens and dozens of new and updated apps and games hit the iOS and Mac App Stores. It's impossible to keep up with them all, but it's not impossible to pick out the very best. Here they are! Today we have updates to a calendar app, a news reader, a text editor, and more.

New and updated iOS apps

  • Fantastical 2: The alternative calendar for iPhone has made a number of fixes. $4.99 - Download Now
  • Flipboard: The popular news reader now has language support for Turkish, along with some improvements and bug fixes. Free - Download Now
  • Byword: This text editor updates to version 2.1.5 with fixes for a couple of issues regarding list creation and text insertion. $4.99 - Download Now
  • Facebook Messenger: Version 4.0 of Facebook's messaging app brings support for groups and message forwarding, along with continued reliability improvements. Free - Download Now
  • Mailbox: Alternative email app Mailbox updates to version 1.7.5 with fixes for badge count and push notification issues. Free - Download Now
  • Due: This update to the reminders app fixes several bugs and adds three themes, Light, Light with Avenir, and Dark with Avenir. $4.99 - Download Now
  • Shazam Encore: Popular music tagging service. Whole new track page design, Rdio integration with the ability to add tracks to any of your playlists, and much more. $6.99 - Download Now
  • VSCO Cam: Camera editing and gallery app for iPhone. You can now show/hide presets, tools, and follow curated grids — more. Free - Download Now
  • Yahoo Weather: Weather app for iOS. Added precipitation forecast to 5 and 10 day forecast views. Free - Download Now
  • Moves: Step and active tracker for iPhone. General bug fixes and reliability improvements. $2.99 - Download Now

More apps and updates?

If you try any of the apps or updates, let me know how they work for you. If you got any new or updated apps today that you loved, but don't see here, let us know about them!

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New and updated apps: Fantastical 2, Flipboard, Byword, and more!


Oh man, I was hoping the sale would be for the iOS version so I can finally get a copy of 1Password.

Hey there, just seeing this comment... even though we're 3 months late, we didn't want to leave you hanging!

At UpTo, we believe that your calendar should be the only place you need to look to find out what's upcoming. That not only includes your own events, but also your favorite sport teams' schedules, local concerts, new movie releases and TV premiers, etc. We add an amazing layer of content to your calendar in a very clever way so that it doesn't add clutter. Check out this quick vid:

Fantastical is a nice-looking, straight-forward calendar, but in our humble opinion they aren't innovating too much outside of their natural language processing feature.

It's also notable that UpTo is $0 (aka free) and Fantastical 2 costs $10!

- Jacob Smith | Team UpTo |