New and updated apps: Sunrise Calendar, Talisman, Google Drive and more!

Every day dozens and dozens of new and updated apps and games hit the iOS and Mac App Stores. It's impossible to keep up with them all, but it's not impossible to pick out the very best. Today we've got updates to a popular calendar and Google's cloud service, as well as a new Games Workshop title and a bunch more. Let's take a look!

New and updated iOS apps

  • Sunrise Calendar: Popular calendar app introduces "Interesting Calendars" for holidays, sport teams, name days, week numbers, and more. They're all free additions in the app, so well worth checking out. Free - Download Now
  • Talisman: A newly released Games Workshop title for 1-4 players based on the classic board game. Officially licensed and using the revised 4th edition rules with official artwork, this is as close as you'll get to the real thing on your iPad. $6.99 - Download Now
  • Google Drive: Sheets and Docs have now been split out from the Google Drive app for iOS which reaches version 3.0 today, anyway. New features include a passcode lock for your Drive account. Free - Download Now
  • MyFitnessPal: Hook into your activity tracker to track your daily steps within the app or just use the M7 Motion Coprocessor on the iPhone 5s if you have one. Free - Download Now
  • Withings Health Mate: Another health and fitness app adding support for the M7 Motion Coprocessor in the iPhone 5s. Free - Download Now
  • Republique: The beautifully animated stealth action game is back with episode 2. It's a long way to escaping dystopia. - $2.99 - Download Now
  • Botanicula: Save a bizarre and beautiful world of plants in this platofmer puzzle game. $4.99 - Download Now

More apps and updates?

If you try any of the apps or updates, let me know how they work for you. If you got any new or updated apps today that you loved, but don't see here, let us know about them!

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Reader comments

New and updated apps: Sunrise Calendar, Talisman, Google Drive and more!


Breeze (a pedometer app) and UpTo Calendar was updated today. Sunrise is a good calendar app too, but how many calendar apps can you use on your iphone at one time. I find myself using the default calendar most of the time now.

Yeah, there's a limit to how many Callander's one needs to use. This one requires you to "register" so Sunrise Atelier can collect all of your personal information... Deleted!

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OMG!!! SUNRISE REALLY CARES ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!!! LOL... It is a great app, I use it daily. Not afraid of them collecting my personal information because I know they wont.

Like, doublé OMG! Must you shout? Yes, yes they do, even yours! It's worth a pretty penny per person when they sell it on... yes even your data!

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