New Apple ad kicks competitors right in the music

Turns out that spectacular Photos Every Day ad Apple released last month was just the first in a new series, as today they've introduced Music Every Day and it's every bit as terrific. Like the previous spot, Music Every Day shows people using the iPhone to enjoy music. Many and different people in many and different ways.

It's not caricatures feuding at a wedding, or acting stupidly at a pool party, or rushing to do something or be somewhere they won't even remember a week later. It's people living their lives, and those lives made better in small, constant ways by Apple.

Like Every Day Photos, Every Day Music shot just as beautifully, mixed just as subtly, but this time highlights the iPhone as every bit the inheritor of the iPod, and cultural icon it's become.

I might be overly predisposed to love this spot at the moment, what with all the bitter Apple-is-doomed BS of the last few months, and the cheery but forgettable ads that predated this series, but with both those things as palette cleansers, these last two ads come off especially sweet.

This is an Apple returned to their marketing savvy of old, once again at the height of their commercial powers. Hopefully they keep it up.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

New Apple ad kicks competitors right in the music


I guess if you can't make a music service, an ad convincing people that you do music may be the next best thing.

Nope. It's a music store, a dinosaur model of the music industry. Google iRadio, Spotify, Google Music or Pandora for examples. That is where the puck is going.

the TV? Also a dinosaur and a model that is the antithesis of everything Apple. Every popular device Apple makes is one that enables one not to use the TV. On that line, maybe Apple could also make a radio or a magazine and newspaper.

That's semantics. iTunes is a store that provides a service. It's not a steaming service, or a subscription service, but it is a service.

Now, subscription and streaming might be the future, but Apple hasn't announced iRadio (or whatever they call it yet), so we have no idea what they can or can't do with such a thing yet.

no but we know what they have and haven't done. and an music service is something they haven't done.
Calling something as bloated and hated as iTunes a service is an odd view to take.

What they have done though "dinosaur" is an extremely lucrative business with music. No one can deny that iTunes changed the way we acquire music, and still is the best of its class. It being a dinosaur is subjective, because only a small portion of users go to streaming services. Google All Access being the direction of the puck is an interesting concept, but let´s see if they are able to make it a success.

Wow you are desperate to make this a negative hit on Apple. If not for Apple and iTunes we would not have the access to music that we have today. The industry changed their model of distribution because of Apple which opened the door for many of the streaming services we have today. Also, iTunes continues to be the most successful. You also have to remember that Apple was not the first to offer mp3's and the like but they were the best at it. Apple has a rich history in music and this ad celebrates that history. To deny that is ridiculous. To find fault in the ad because Apple does not have a streaming service (poorly implemented but many others, there are some good implementations but google is not there yet) is also ridiculous. Lastly, Apple not having a streaming service does not mean they have not been thinking about it for years, it's just that the tech was not there or the red tape was still to thick to be able to put out the best service. Anyone can launch a streaming service and pay through the nose on royalties so that the music library they have is limited or the streaming quality is poor. It will take Apple to look at how we can change that model so that we get affordable access to the music we want and convince the industry that they can still make money.

No I mean if not for Apple. I do not agree with illegal activities. While Napster tried to make a legal go of it toward the end it was too late. Apple brought music in this format to the masses legally and showed the industry that it can still be profitable. Illegal sharing of music was around long before Napster and all they succeeded in doing is making the industry less willing to change.

I watch that ad assuming they're all running Spotify for iOS. Accessing and acquiring music on the iPhone via iTunes (Music app + iTunes app + Music Match + iTunes for Mac syncing) is a terrible overall experience.

Listening to music on an iPhone in general is a travesty. I have an iPhone 4S and it's as terrible for listening to music with as iPods from 2005. There has been zero effort put into adding a better integrated equalizer (even though there are dozens in the Appstore). Nothing beats a Sony Walkman (except, of course, high-end audiophile players with portable amps).

Um, I use music services called Rhapsody and Pandora...all the time. Oh, wait, I use them on my iPhone. It's sweet.

@Rene Ritchie. I agree. This ads makes you realize that looking passed all the gimmicks others bring is the redefined subtle things we enjoy most.

Exactly. No gimmicks. Just everyday improvement of people's lives.
Yet another reason why Apple is the world's most valuable brand.

I was able to relate to every single scene from this ad!
The music on my iPhone is everything to me and that's how you make a commercial!! Ok,ok!! :-)

The ad is terrific. They don't say they are better than the competition or even mention any competition. They just make a simple, truthful statement that leaves a lasting impression. The iPhone series is the best selling smartphone in history. Its a no-brainer that more people listen to music on the iPhone than any other phone. Still the beauty is in its simplicity and understated dominant tone.

You're right. I love how they did not state anything about the competition, yet so many hateful comments on this post. Just goes to show you, you're doing something wrong if you don't have haters.

Just don't understand some people's need to be wet blankets, seems to run counter to the spirit expressed in the ad, which is prob why I like these ads (like the murani said)

I have to respectfully disagree Rene. I think this ad is awful and doesn't speak to the younger generation. half the ad is about being alone, unconnected to the world, by yourself like an outcast listening to music. Were moving into a more interconnected world, not less connected. Apple ads were great when it was about evoking a feeling and making me want to dance, which this didn't do. It was way too somber and lonesome a tone for my taste. The whole first three quarters was people either alone, or surrounded by people but choosing not to engage with those people. That little bit at the end was better, but not enough.

Buddy, you must live in a dark, dark hole. I almost have pity for you.
Since you didn't actually recognize what the first portion of the ad represented, was people's "alone time", not "being alone". Every one of those imaged, had a purpose which didn't incite negativity.
I'd hate to fathom what it would take for you to see it as good... Fireworks and male strippers?

Poor you, I guess.

You must have been the fat kid who never had sex...sitting in your room alone...with headphones on...listening to The Cure...No wonder this ad spoke to you.

So you never listen to music alone? I loved this ad, as Murani stated, they do not mention the competition at all, they are taking a much higher road than Samsung. Yet this ad, which just shows a popular feature of the iPhone, insults you? I cease to fathom your attitude.

First off, thanks for calling me a moron. Second, the tone of all your comments leads me to believe that yes, somehow this ad did insult you. I did not imagine you saying anything. In my opinion this ad conveyed a powerful message successfully.

Your welcome. My tone? By telling Rene I respectfully disagree with his take? By stating I don't think the ad worked? Wow, you're pretty bad at reading people's tones. I could care less if you think it worked, I stated it didn't. If you disagree, then stop being a child and defend your opinion with facts, not attacks by calling the other person "sad." I listed out the reasons I didn't like it, you listed nothing that happened in the ad that you liked. You mentioned stuff that DIDN'T happen, but Not doing something doesn't make an ad successful.

Now if you'd like to be specific about what worked for you, I'd be more than happy to discuss why or why not I disagree.

But sometimes we need time to ourselves away from the Facebooks, Twitters and so on, a break from in your face know all my business scene.

I agree, but is that how you want to sell your smart phone? That's it's a great tool to help you be alone? I just don't think that's the best way to advertise a product.

Did we watch the same ad? Half of it is with headphones because there are times when you are alone. A big part if the add was with people listening to music together. I thought this add showed just about everything I do with my iPhone and music.

It wasn't a big part. It was one third of the ad. Two thirds of the ad is showing people lost in their own little world not paying attention to the people around them, showing us everything that's wrong with listening to music. Maybe I have a different take though, I lived in a major city with tons of foot traffic. When I see people lost in their own world, not paying attention, listening to music or texting, I see people who get hit by busses or cars. I see people who get mugged and raped at night. All these things would happen when hipster kids would walk around neighborhoods, getting off subways at night, not paying attention to their surroundings and then have really bad shit happen to them. I felt like this ad supports that behavior.

Now I def don't have an issue with listening to music. But show people overcoming challenges with the help of their music. Show people climbing to the top of a mountain with the aid of their music, or show the Rocky scene with a kid using his music to make it to the top f the stairs. Or show a dancer finishing a great dance with the aid of music. Music should inspire and there was a lot of dead time with me staring at people who didn't look inspired, mixed in with people who did. A commercial is quick and needs to grab immediately, this started off too slow for me. That's why it didn't succeed for me.

Wow....that was deep.

It's a commercial, dude. Apple hits the mark in its marketing with simplicity, and that simplicity also translates in its products. Period.

You're insane if you don't think Apple spends months and 10's of millions on their ad campaigns. Nothing is "simple" about it. They've had plenty of bad commercials that never went to air, and I think this will be one of them. Period. (Did you seriously type that?)

Did you seriously come up with that response on your own? If so, you are not as bright as you think you are. You missed the point entirely. THE MESSAGE TO THE CONSUMER IS SIMPLE. Not the production of the commercial. Idiot.

If you had the ability to go back and read previous posts you'd realize that was MY WHOLE ARGUMENT. For a porn star (or a human being), you aren't that bright.

How can they substantiate that last statement? Photos, you can check the posted photos online from the most used services. Music, how do they know?

This new series of ads is really fantastic! Both of them have given me goosebumps because they resonate with how I use my device.

I think apple made these ads to show that regular people use iPhones not just hipsters or old people like in samsung commercials

For every Apple ad, competitors are doomed. Apple doesn't invest too much in commercials and ads unlike Samsung specifically. You will not see a single billboard made by Apple on the streets unlike Samsung whose posters and pamphlets are becoming trash for being too many.

Apple ads are now more towards basics, for daily life. Earlier one which was on daily use of camera was great and this one is even better.
iPhone is a wonderful device. Perfect size and flawless functions. I love it

I think this ad speaks the truth. I always see people with their iPhones listening to music, I myself bought the 64GB version of the iPhone 5 simply to have my music on my phone even though the sound quality is sacrificed. It's one less item I need to carry around now.

Can't one enjoy listening to music on any phone? What is the point of this ad? To show that iPhone comes with a headphone jack?

When one has stopped innovating (for 5 years), I guess demonstrating the heaphone jack is all one can do.

Oh well.

I'm not sure many understood the ad. Apple leveraged what they've spent years building. We saw people enjoying their music with the signature white cords. That's ipod advertising from years past. That feeling is being projected onto the iphone in this ad and pretty much says you won't get that ipod (iconic) experience from any other phone.

Other tech companies can't do this. Being able to leverage past (iconic) successes (experiences) like this is huge.

It leverages their ipod branding without really mentioning it. You see the images instead. It's a powerful message.


Sony are doing that with their most recent Xperia z ads, check em out , showing iconic images of the Walkman handycam play station before seguing to the Xperia z

I like the ad. Simple and understated. Though how that will fare against th out and out shouting by Samsung is another matter

As someone who works in advertising, this ad was brilliant. It was beutifully constructed. You know an ad is good when you get it without them verbally saying it. In the fort 15 seconds of this ad, we got it.

I find it odd though as Apple itself has a very archaic way of doing music. iTunes is definitely a music service albeit an old music service with a very yesterday way of thinking. But is doesn't even bother most people.

You guys are all not very focused at all. You let one person make a comment about something, go on a wild tangent about that comment, and miss the obvious things about this ad.... THEY ARE JUST LISTENING TO MUSIC! Something you can do on any other smartphone and the tidbit at the end is not backed by actual numbers at all. You iFans need to wake up a bit and take the right pill. These past few ads are not showing us anything new or spectacular but showing us things that everyone else already does like pictures and music. You back Apple so much but we will see where you are at when the new iOS/Windows Phone OS drops. Oh... and just in case you were wondering... I HAD an iPhone 4S but switched to the Galaxy S4 and the difference is tremendously obvious. I also have 2 iPads and a Mac mini.

enjoy your bigger screen and your additional features that you may or may not use. different strokes for different folks. that's all.

Very nice ad as well, but I'd still consider the Photos Every Day ad stronger for one reason - the iPhone 5 is known to have (at least arguably) *the* best all around cellphone camera. The GS4 may come close, but it's a major advantage.

With music, it's much more questionable how being on an iPhone enhances the experience aside from the small size/ least in the US where there are reasonable alternatives to iTunes. I know it's a different story here in Canada.

Formidable ad!

Doesn't it remind you of that Mad Men episode, where Peggy shows us the Koss headphones ad? People bouncing on music without us knowing what they listen to.

And sure, you can listen to music on any smartphone. But lets be honest, those white earbuds became kind of iconic.

Apple announced customers have purchased 25 billion songs from the iTunes store.
Hence, the ad should actually state more people pay for songs / buy songs on iphone than any other over priced foxconn device. In terms of "listening" .. itunes does not even come close to the number of songs streamed freely every month on services like spotify, pandora, groove shark, last fm.. all of which can be accessed on multiple devices regardless of platform.