New Apple video shows how the new Mac Pro is born

You got your first look at it Wednesday during the iPad & Mac Event in San Francisco, but Apple has now posted to YouTube a video it calls "Making the all-new Mac Pro."

The 2:03 video shows the creation of the Mac Pro from the initial molding of the aluminum outer body to its final assembly. Jeff Williams, Apple's senior vice president of Operations, talks about how design and manufacturing are "inextricably linked" at Apple and how the company had to create new processes to make the all-new machine, which goes on sale next month.

The creation of the Mac Pro chassis is a fine exercise in machine porn, with plenty of thrusting, lubrication and polishing to thrill paraphiliacs. The first minute of the video is largely free of humans besides Mr. Williams - it's all robotics and automation.

The video includes plenty of footage of American workers doing final assembly on the device, underscoring the point by closing with the Mac Pro's logo being laser-etched on its base, with "Assembled in the USA" capping it off.

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Peter Cohen

Mac Managing Editor of iMore and weekend Apple Product Professional at a local independent Apple reseller. Follow him on Twitter @flargh

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New Apple video shows how the new Mac Pro is born


When i read the title of the article, the first thing I thought was "something to write on the iPad with! Maybe I'll consider ditching my Galaxy Note..."

But alas, such a niche market as I shall never be catered to. (Swype is nearly a deal breaker anyway, so I guess there's no pleasing some jerks).