New World Cup Beats ad features Mac and iPhone

Though the dust has barely settled from Apple's acquisition of Beats, the latest ad posted promoting Dre's Solo2 headphones (which you can win here!) features iPhone and Mac hardware throughout. "The Game Before The Game" is a 5-minute video stars a bunch of famous footballers preparing for their big match, and of course they're using Beats headphones to get in the zone. Throughout there are shots of fans getting hyped up in their own ways. Though it's not specifically mentioned, the whole thing is alluding to the World Cup, which starts next week.

Though you might not bat an eyelash seeing this as another Beats commercial rife with machismo, consider for a minute that this is also an Apple ad now. The acquisition wasn't just about the headphones or even the subscription service, but the image as well. Beats has managed to reach a young demographic willing to pay top dollar for premium electronics, and no doubt a part of that success is marketing like we see here.

This ad was done up by an agency called R/GA, but as Apple moves their marketing more in-house, could you imagine iPhones, iPads, and Macs being pitched in the same way?

Via: AdAge

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New World Cup Beats ad features Mac and iPhone


Well so far with about 6,000 entries to the Beats contest, each person that submitted 3 comments has a .05% chance if winning! :D.

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They are also officially associated with Neymar, Chicharito, Van Persie, Sturridge, Cesc and pretty much the biggest footballers, from the biggest footballing countries and the globes biggest sporting event. Not only that they are associated with the media pundits commenting on the game like Rio, Henry, Stuart Scott (though i don't know how much he'll be doing but Bob Ley doesn't scream Beats by Dre to me). As for Little Wayne. when you buy a Hip-Hop brand Hip-Hop associations comes with it. It also associates them with that sick Jamie N. Commons & X Ambassadors track. If they wanted a Disney feel well they would have bought something else.

I await the World Cup star laden commercial with a bangin beat from Grado.

Nah. But the tech people always get bent out of shape about Apple associating with the type of people Beats aligns themselves with. It's the geek crowd protective of their beloved geek shiek apple, with it's jobs and wozniak roots all mad at "the cool kids" bringing the celebs and athletes into the fold. Truth is this whole thing people complaining about territory.

Indeed, Neymar is probably lost on most iMore readers, but man that’s some serious star power right there (let’s hope he as a killer World cup). And to have Van Persie, Chicharito, Shweinsteiger, et al!! Well at least, I am impressed ;¬)

This "commercial" makes me want to buy BEATS....but not at the $380 (Amazon) pricetag.....well MAYBE...SMILE

Well, that Beats acquisition is really gonna hurt Apple, you know. /s

Hmmm... Beats (which grew to over $1.5B annual revenues) with Apple doing an intense ad for the World Cup in Brazil - this being the top international sporting event with pinpointed demographics. And promoting the new Solo2 headphones which aren't bass-heavy, and are more sound-accurate.

This is gonna go verrrrybwell for Apple and it's new acq. :-)

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So... Are they still making garbage bass heavy headphones though? Is that what Apple said Beats "did right" or is it Beats Music and Marketing, as that's all Beats really is. They don't make quality* headphones imho, as I prefer music to sound normal, not bass heavy.

*quality as in sound, they do look ok though

No. If you saw the very end of the ad, it's introducing the new Solo2 headphones which were announced the day after the official acquisition announcement. And the Solo2's are supposed to be more sound-accurate and less bass-heavy.

A valid opinion. As are the people that want to hear a shit ton of bass in their music. The people that keep buying it like the sound. The audiophile opinion of "good sound" is not the sound they want. It's entirely subjective. And i'm gonna guess most Audiophiles writing reviews are sitting around listening to orchestras and classical music not riding a train bumping Nas.

Great commercial & the song they chose is spot on!!! Makes me want to watch the World Cup & I'm not really a Soccer fan :)