New "Fatty" iPhone/Touch Leaked on iTunes?


iLounge is reporting the possible leak, via iTunes, of what can only be termed an iPhone/iPod Touch "Fatty". Turns out that the newfangled SDK led a curious developer to Education First Educational Tours "private page" (the tool that would, for example, allow an enterprise to make and release apps accessible only within their own company and not for sale to the general public). Revealed on this "private page" was the tantalizing/horrifying image of the "fatty" (or perhaps the long fabled iTablet Safari Pad?).

Is this just something Education First Educational Tours mocked up? A photo miss-shop? Phil Schiller brainstorming Apple rumors? Or a real leaked product shot (a la 3G Nano?) Only Steve Jobs, Rumor-Smasher, know for sure.

More on this as it develops...

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Rene Ritchie

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New "Fatty" iPhone/Touch Leaked on iTunes?