iPhone 5S and HTC One M8

The new HTC One (M8) and the iPhone 5s

If you want an aluminum phone, you've come to the right place. The iPhone is no stranger to metal, of course. (And presumably it'll stay that course with the iPhone 6 later this year.) But today, Android smartphone manufacturer HTC announced its newest flagship with an old name — the HTC One. Like last year's version, this one's also milled from a single piece of aluminum. High-end smartphones, both.

As you'd expect, however, the two feel wildly different.

The stark disparity in size is the biggest differentiator here, of course. The iPhone 5s has a 4-inch display, while the new HTC towers over it at 5 inches. And that's just the displays. The iPhone 5s actually stands 4.87 inches tall. The new HTC One? Nearly a full inch taller at 5.7 inches.

The phones just feel different as well, and perhaps that has a lot to do with the size. The iPhone just feels a little more solid despite being a good bit lighter — just 112 grams (3.95 ounces) to the HTC One's 160 grams (5.64 ounces). Maybe that's because it mostly fits in your hand. Both are very well built, however. There's not much doubt there.

Anyhoo. Different phones for different folks. Welcome to how the other half lives.

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Phil Nickinson

Phil is a recovering print journalist, editor of Android Central, subtitles and street signs

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The new HTC One (M8) and the iPhone 5s


Great for you. I know multiple users with the exact opposite experience. After a while the port would still allow me to plug in but it had a short and the device would not charge. I had that on several devices. My sister had that issue on her last galaxy phone.

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Good for you. I just thinks it's ridiculous to say it is "made to fail". There is no conspiracy here. I have had 3 Apple devices with defective batteries. I don't think they are "made to fail" though.
You have a bad experience fine. There are hundreds of thousands of micro USB devices that work just fine haven't failed and won't fail.


Apparently people don't understand hyperbole here but ok.
And you not having an experience doesn't negate someone else having the opposite experience.

Same holds through if they would have posted first that micro USB is the best. Are you saying then someone who comments that it isn't should comment?

MicroUSB is so last decade. I hate how you have to REALLY make sure it's going in the right way and if it's dark, good luck. And I've had about 2 or 3 MicroUSB devices fail because the female side was punched in.

User error. Never had an issue plugging in my phone or tablet. Get it wrong flip it the other way, don't just keep trying to jam it in there until it breaks. Common sense it seems.

I buy legit cables. Even with my iPhone I don't buy cheap cables. They are quality sourced..... From iMore actually! The last 6ft cable for my 5s is awesome. Great build thick cable won't tear to shreds like those flimsy Apple made cables!

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Wow. I'm bright enough to be a regular reader, listener and poster to the iMore site but not bright enough to know how to plug my phone in. Um ok.

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Ive literally never had a MicroUSB port fail nor have I ever met one to have it fail.

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I've only had cables fail, never devices. Lightning is awesome and I hope the next standard of USB will be something similar

Fucking iMore you guys are really starting to suck.
Do we have to compare every fucking phone that comes out to the iPhone.

Then to not only do that, "This is the iPhone, this is the NEW HTC..." Then he says, "I Know, this is the OLD..."

You all just love to start shit with the "US" and "THEM!"

...or are you just too "STUPID" to know?

How about just showing the new HTC!?!?!?

Wow, there's a novel concept.

Getting more and more like IGN all the time.
And that is a slap.

<<wonders if Rush even comes to your site any longer?

Well seeing as this review was done by Android Central, why don't you take your qualms there. Secondly, this is iMore, meaning everything Apple so why not compare to the current device? No one was bad mouthing either device, just stating differences, albeit an iPhone good heavens (sarcasm). It's really not that big a deal dude. I agree that some posts are a little one-sided (as expected, considering this is everything Apple...again) but this one warranted no outrage. Solid comparison post IMO.

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Well put Counterculture

This d ha person needs to take a chill and get all the facts, do some research and then apologize to all of us for his profane rant.

You are obviously an Android bigot and you know what that's ok. I am a iOS bigot.

As stated on here Phil is with Android Central so go rant to them, this is iMore what did you want it compared to?

One of my co-workers has this phone and it is nice just way to big for me and not running iOS. That is why I am hoping the iPhone 6 is not 5.5"

This is iMore, not adroidMore or any such variation. It's an apple focused news site. If you want to go see the HTC then go find another news outlet. Personally I use the Verge or CNET for other tech news. iMore is for apple :) cheer up :)

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This is mobilenations. It includes imore, androidcentral, crackberry, etc. And the writers are phone enthusiasts that use all platforms not teenage fanboys that are platform zealots waging a childish, meaningless operating system war. You shouldn't care about having more information about phone options. It makes you a smarter consumer. And if you're threatened by the mere mention of other phones then you're not very secure in your iphone purchase. I use an iphone 4s and a 4s only. I'm not threatened by articles about other platforms. because i bought what made me happy, period. I'm secure. You're amazingly insecure.

"Do we have to compare every fucking phone that comes out to the iPhone."

Yes. Even the Android Central guys have to compare every fucking phone that comes out to the iPhone. In case you hadn't noticed, Phil Mickelson, er, Nickinson writes for Android Central. You should go over there and check it out some time. Please do.

The question I have is why does Android Central need to spam up iMore with every god damned droidphone / Windows Phone? As if iPhone users actually give a crap about this week's new model.

Angry much? Plus the article was written by Phil, you know, the guy from Android Central.

Posted via the Android iMore App!

So you want to keep your head in the sand and only hear about Apple? Why didn't you skip past this article? Is it that or that this is a good phone and you don't like people on this site to find out about the competition? Sounds like you have the problem that you can't skip over the article. You might want to find another site to go to that only owns an Apple property. This site is a network meaning they cover and cross post into all their sites. They believe people have self control to pass by articles that they don't want to read.

Excellent review. No mater how you feel about products, this is iMore, and Mobile Nations. I know the review will be honest from the writers. That is why iMore is a great blog. We get to see different slants on products. It was not long ago that everyone seemed to get upset they had a mac article. "this is an iPhone blog, stop talking about macs" I do believe we have gone passed that.

"The stark disparity in size is the biggest differentiator here, of course."

And you'll be facing the stark reality of that size when you try to jam it into your jeans front pocket. The "geek chic" hipster sub-genre does not allow for man-purses. I'm hoping the (rumored) larger-screen iPhone "6" won't be as big as the M8.

Anyway, I love you like a sister Cher, but will the M8 really help keep HTC alive in the smartphone space? How much longer can HTC bleed money into the smartphone economy? Apple and Samsung's profits add up to well over 100% of total smartphone market profits. And have done so for years now. Do the math and you'll see that HTC and others are losing money. There's another stark reality for you.



How many more quarterly mobile sector losses can HTC withstand? I don't think they have the resources to firehose money into losing products until they show a profit. (Think Microsoft and Xbox.)





You tell him Phil. Rene had a vector pod cast with an HTC watch or something and he said they had plenty of money to last for another 2 years easy.

Personally from the design aspect I feel like the M8 is an all around better looking phone than the iphone 5s. Seeing them side by side really puts things into perspective. The M8 looks like sleek new tech with those minimal side bezels, the iphone 5s with all it's wasted space almost looks retro.

It's different. Maybe a little too polished, though. As small as the iPhone is (and I remember when 4 inches was huge), I think it feels a little more put together. Almost like there's some hollow space in the M8. I'm real curious to see what we see when someone opens it up.

I've always liked the way HTC phones feel. That's why when I bought androids, I always went with them over Samsung or others. They felt substantial and not cheap even when they were plastic. That previous HTC One was a beauty (in silver or red) I don't see why it didn't sell like wild fire. They make great products. The build quality puts Samsung to shame IMO. I will at least play with one when I'm at Best Buy or a carrier store next.

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The HTC One is literally the ONLY phone I would ever get that isn't an iPhone. I love the build quality and software. It's either between this or the next iPhone (6 or whatever they call it). I might just get both unlocked and switch between the two

Not switching as it runs Android and I'm not a fan. I do think the HTC phone is probably the best Android phone out there among the seemingly hundreds to choose from. Looking forward to upgrading from my 4s to the iPhone 6.

I won't switch either but I wonder why people by the inferior Samsung Galaxy phones. The build quality is shoddy.
Not only am I too heavily invested in iOS through my multiple Apple devices I don't like Android. More specifically I don't like how I got burned by not getting software updates for a phone that was less than a year old. That's enough to make me play with Androids in the store but never bring one home.

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I can tell you why. I put the phone in a tuff case. Why do I care if the phone is plastic or not. I could never afford to keep an iPhone or this HTC One with out a case. I can't afford to replace a screen and I can't afford to have a dented up phone when I want to resell it to get some money to buy the replacement. All I care about is the hardware inside. Processor, screen, battery capacity, and camera sensor. If I had a Porcshe and covered it in a tuff case then what I've lost the whole idea of Wow that phone/car is so beautiful.

Let me put it this way.....If the iphone 6 does not increase the screen size, it will be a disappointment to a lot of people.

I like the lighting connector because you can't screw it up flip it around whatever, it's all good.

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