New iPhone Ads Target Rich, Young, Restless

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Apple has posted two more iPhone ads on their site, "Cars" and "Facebook." Both, again, feature the internet features of the iPhone. In "Cars," you not only get to imagine what it's like to stick it to a car salesman with your iPhone, you also get to imagine purchasing an Audi having not even bothered to do any research ahead of time.

"Facebook" shows off what is still the best online "app" for the iPhone around, though the friends of the commercial's hand model aren't nearly as cool as mine.

In any case, the commercials are a return to the classic iPhone commercial format, namely just showing what the sucker is capable of. I applaud the decision, the "On the street" stuff always felt too forced to me.

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Dieter Bohn

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New iPhone Ads Target Rich, Young, Restless

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My problem with stuff like the FaceBook app is that, with iPhone, I was promised the "real internet", yet people keep trying to repackage that for iPhone and so now I have to click twice as much on FaceBook, Amazon, etc. to get back to the real internet version I was promised to begin with.
I understand CSS enables platform targeting, but CSS-compliance already allow standards based designs to work on a wide range anyway.
Hey, leave my 'net alone :)