New iPod touch (N78) once again rumored to be widescreen, not as powerful as iPhone 5

As tomorrow's September 12 iPhone event draws closer, more information is also being rumored about the new iPod touch as well. That includes its codename, N78, another source saying it'll be 1136x640 just like the new iPhone, but also a rumor saying it won't be as fast. Both Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac and developer Will Strafach peg the codenam as N78. Strafach also offers the following on the screen and the processor:

the new iPod5,1 is code name N78AP, and sports a 1136x640 display.

the new iPod touch / N78AP runs on an S5L8942X, NOT an S5L8950X.

Gurman also adds the following concerning the other iPods:

We also understand that the iPod nano is codenamed N31 and that the iPod shuffle is codenamed N12B. Like we posted last week, the new Shuffle and Nano will ship in 8 colors. We also understand that the new iPod touch will come in several variations, which we speculate points to colors other than black and white.

$200 is the starting price Gurman is hearing for the previous generation iPod touch, even with the iPod mini rumored to be coming in at $200-$250. Would a 16GB iPod touch 4 be able to hold roughly the same value as an 8GB iPad mini?

iMore previously learned the new iPod touch would be widescreen, but these new details help set the stage, and expectations, before the event.

24 hours and counting...

Source: 9to5Mac, Will Strafach

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Reader comments

New iPod touch (N78) once again rumored to be widescreen, not as powerful as iPhone 5


So looks like the iPod touch 4th gen will start at 16 GB now for $200? Then the new one at $300? Hmm. Doesn't seem right. Too much overlap, removing the clear upgrade paths.

EDIT: How about this?
* iPod touch (4th gen) in 8 GB/16 GB for $99/$149
* iPod touch (5th gen) in 16 GB/32 GB/64 GB for $199/$299/$399
* iPhone 4 in 8 GB for $0 (with 2-year contract)
* iPhone 4S in 16 GB for $99 (with 2-year contract)
* iPhone 5 in 16 GB/32 GB/64 GB for $199/$299/$399 (with 2-year contract)

Basically minor teaks to how it is now, but maintains the clean "upgrade" path Apple seems to like. The 4th gen iPod touch prices are approaching the low cost barrier, and would not cannibalize the shuffle/nano as those are a different target audience. Same storage (16 GB) for 4S and 5 doesn't create a problem as the handset improvements to the 5 is the price difference.

all that sounds reasonable but the issue Rene brings up is that is a 16GB iPod touch at $199 going to be able to get a market share with the 8GB iPad mini coming in at that price point as well in order to compete with the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD? (He has a typo in the hyperlink text it should say iPad mini). I think Apple may have a bit of difficulty marketing the touch with the iPad mini launching on the same day.
Granted there are those that just want a small portable music player but I'd argue that those people should look into the Shuffle or Nano and those considering the iPod touch should take a long look at the iPad mini if Apple can meet that $200-250 target.

my $0.02

It's so hard to contain the excitement, even if the iPhones came in different colors I think I'd still get black. I have a crush on one of the editors on this site.

In my opinion, the iPod Touch will be phased out eventually. Apple is gaining more customers through the iPhone and if you have an iPhone what's the need for an iPod Touch. The iPod touch I suppose would cater to children and those who don't have iPhones. It seems redundant to me. I had a friend who had a blackberry and got an iPod Touch to enjoy the iOS experience. He liked it cause he didn't have an iPhone. But the more people buy the iPhone the less the demand for the iPod Touch will be.....

I disagree with you, Maru_The_Cat. I don't have an iPhone. I can't afford it. I have an iPod Touch 4th Gen. and the new iPad. The problem is I use the iPod only for music. I can carry it in my pocket so it's much more handy than storing music on my iPad. I mean, I'm 50 but I listen to music like I were a teenager. I always have the headphones on. So because I don't want a huge monthly cell plan, I'd have to pay $850 for the 64 gig iPhone just to listen to music. That's ridiculous to me. The way I see it the phone is a phone, which is great, but the iPod is for music as it always has been. And the other iPods just don't have enough memory, or the ability to download the apps that I use. For example I downloaded an app called "Equalizer". It's like listening to all my music again for the first time but with much better sound. You can't do that with the iPod mini. I really pray that Apple doesn't discontinue the iPod Touch. Do you hear me Apple? I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

A few more hours to go and then all of this non sense will be put to rest. Why would apple make the newest ipod touch wide screen and not follow suit with the iphone. They have always been in harmony since the beginning of both. To do so would be seriously stupid and would just bridge the gap between them and android...
ugh 15 hours and counting.....