New iWork and iLife apps now properly showing up as free updates for DVD purchasers

New iWork and iLife apps now showing up as free updates for DVD purchasers

We've gotten a bunch of messages from readers who originally bought iWork or iLife back when they were still sold on disk in boxes - yeah, you know, the dark ages - saying the Mac App Store is now properly offering them free updates to the new versions. Yesterday, for the same people, the updates were still listed at $19.99 a piece, so it looks like Apple's been fixing things overnight.

We haven't heard anything official about this, mind you, so don't sharpen the stakes and fire up the torches if you're still seeing a sticker price. Just make sure your disk copies are installed before you launch the Mac App Store, and then click around awhile to help them get recognized.

Check out Serenity Caldwell's piece in Macworld for more on identifying what you have, what you qualify for, and how to get it.

Thanks: Keith!

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New iWork and iLife apps now properly showing up as free updates for DVD purchasers


How come they compare Microsoft Office with iWork?
Have you try to open a Office document in iWork? My experience is horrible.
You can load Office 365 on up to 5 PCs and Macs and 5 mobile devices.
Office 365 is complimented with Office Web Apps and SkyDrive which allows you to take your documents where ever you go and share it with others.

FREE account with 7gb skydive and office web apps and email account with contacts, and calendar.

I bought my new MacBook Air about 6 days ago, apple said I'm qualified for free iWork's, but the App Store still has the apps at $19.99 each. Anyone else with this problem? Anyone with a fix?

After Mavericks update I downloaded Garageband for free (had it uninstalled recently) but other apps have prices attached to them. Is that normal ?

Yeah had that too and read at the bottom of apples page and said that garage band is free and the rest if mac purchased before october 1, 2013 you must buy at regular price except garage band!! Yes I would have like to be free to errone still rocking 09 versions lol

This makes me wish I hadn't formatted MacBook ages ago to put a clean install of 10.6 (and the later on again for 10.7) on there (presuming that my Mac would get these upgrades, I'm probably guessing not, but one can dream!).

Glad to see them do this though; nice business move getting people into the ecosystem on eh ground floor.

Sent from the iMore App

Still doesn't work for me. Tells me, that an older version is installed and if i'd like to buy the latest. What am i doing wrong?

Ok, here's a solution for all the people, who's primary language is not english. If you turn your primary language to english in the setting, restart your computer and all the updates will show up in the app store. Weird but true.