New, miniature Dock connector adapters rumored to be Apple-only, $10 a pop

Way back in February iMore learned Apple was planning to ditch the traditional 30-pin Dock connector for a smaller, more modern Dock connector, and roll it out across their iOS product line this fall. For those with older accessories, we learned Apple would be supplying an adapter that would keep many of them compatible. iLounge has now added a few more details, claiming Apple will be the exclusive supplier of the Dock adapter, at least at first, and that they're be pricing them starting at $10.

According to sources, the Dock Connector Adapters will sell for approximately $10 each or three for $29, with Apple-branded new USB cables selling for $19 each.

iLounge has a good track record when it comes to this type of information, and the numbers make sense. $9.99 sounds cheap enough, but packs in great gobs of profit for Apple, especially if they keep it exclusive for a good length of time.

However, it remains uncertain if it will address the needs of all accessory makers, including those who would need specific functionality split out or converted, for example serial interfaces, composite or component video, etc.

We should find out more when Apple introduces the new Dock, and the iPhone 5 on September 12

Source: iLounge

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Reader comments

New, miniature Dock connector adapters rumored to be Apple-only, $10 a pop


3 Pack for $29. Hardly a discount. Saving $.33 a piece wouldn't keep me from buying 1 now and then deciding in a year to buy 2 more.

Although it would be funny if the prices were actually $9.99 for 1 and $29.99 for 3.

Wouldn't surprise me. Many people are either too dumb or just don't think about the fact they they are paying more each at 3@29.99 than 1@9.99. That's only 2 cents, But multiply that by even just 1 million, that's 20K they did absolutely nothing for, but good marketing.

At least they're not doing like carriers do with their branded car chargers - selling something that costs no more than $2 for $30 for one.

True. I don't even buy them anyway. Of course my car and my wife's car both have USB ports in them so there is no point to purchase them for us.

there is no special "quality" deserving the price. I had three apple 3 foot cords at home from three different devices, and 2 six foot cords that were cheap third party cords. And the cheap cords frayed at the usb end within 2 years, though the wires themselves are fine and the cords work. But guess what? The apple cords all frayed too, though at the connector end rather than the usb end. No difference in quality.

Dude this is just a tiny little adapter!! They should include it with the damn phone ! If people want addidtional want it should cost $5 tops !

Yes, they should include it with the phone but they won't. Hey, let's change the doc connector, then charge the lames for an adapter that they can only get from us. No thanks. Holding onto my 4S until a 6" screen Note 3 shows up. Then POOF!!!!

Hey the way android works you won't have to wait long, by next month I'm sure they will announce announce another note with possibly 6.5 inch screen lol

I'm very glad that I got our 4S's when I did. I'm so uninterested in the dock connector change. It seems more fragile and a legacy pain.

Actually, in addition to it being bi-directional, it's more likely to be more robust and less succeptible to fouling due to debris and or corrosion...

Think Apple makes these prizes to high for such stuff... if you buy them on ebay it saves you more than half... Why is Apple keeping these prizes so high???

$19 for a USB cable? and $10 for a connector? Wow. The profit margins on these have to be through the roof. Apple will be laughing all the way to the bank. Can't cost more than .50 cents each to mass produce these. But millions will still buy them. Some people have more money than brains.