New portable MIDI keyboards sport 37 keys, Lightning connector

IK Multimedia on Tuesday introduced two new keyboards for musicians on the go: the iRig Key Pro and iRig Keys with Lightning connector. They're available for $149.99 and $129.99 respectively.

Both keyboards sport 37 keys and the same feature set: pitch bend and mod wheels, an assignable data knob, lighted buttons for program and octave up/down, four programmable "Sets" keys to store custom setups, and an expansion pack to connect a sustain or expression pedal. They're both bus-powered, requiring no external power source, and both are Core MIDI compatible, requiring no additional drivers to work.

The iRig Keys Pro uses full-sized keys, and it comes with both Lightning and 30-pin Dock Connector cables to attach to old and newer iOS devices. A USB cable also connects you to a Mac or PC.

The iRig Keys with Lightning connector is physically smaller than its Pro counterpart, but is otherwise remarkably similar - with the same key count and features, just thinner, lighter and smaller. Despite its name, it also comes with Lightning, 30-pin Dock Connector and USB cables, so you can attach it to Macs, PCs or iOS devices.

IK has famed keyboard virtuoso Jordan Rudess (of Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment) putting the new keyboard through its paces; watch the video above to see what it can do.

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New portable MIDI keyboards sport 37 keys, Lightning connector


It is really interesting to see how devices for musicians are adapting to try and make use of the potential of iOS devices. Just recently I discovered that TC electronic has an app that interfaces with it Hall of Fame Mini reverb pedal and I must say I am impressed. I'd love to add one to my setup simply for the expressive potential and the ease at which you can modify the gear to get new/custom tones into your signal. Sweet stuff.
... Never been a fan of Dream Theater, but giving respect where it's due, those guys have some serious chops! This was a fun demo.

I imagine that pairing this with an iPad can also make learning to play the keyboard a bit more fun and less intimidating for the kids. After an hour or two of practice, then they get to use the iPad as a reward for their effort.

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I am a guitarist, but the potential for this to put strings in the mix is really great. The price is great also.

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