Next generation iPod touch 5 rumors get detailed

Next generation iPod touch 5 rumors get detailed

Back in May when iMore head about the iPad mini release schedule and pricing goal, we also heard that the iPod touch wasn't going anywhere. We covered what the iPod touch means in an iPad mini world a couple of days ago, and what an iPod touch with iPhone 5 class flagship device with 4-inch, 16:9 display and amped up internals, could mean. Macotakara is now reporting something very close to that, but with specifics:

CPU or other spec is considered to be same with iPhone 4S, and has different back-case design, which will be not mirror polished but buffed alminum one. And it seems to be prepared black and white color model.

They also report a hole on the back of the case, though cite no know reason for it yet.

Other than a white option, Apple didn't update the iPod touch last year, leaving the 4th generation model on the market at the same $200 starting price as the year before. Getting the iPod touch 5 on track, specs wise, will be important for it to properly support the latest and greatest games -- a major consideration of the platform.

While the iPod touch represents roughly half of all iPod sales, iPod sales as a whole have been trending down for a while now. Could refreshed hardware go at least part of the way towards turning that around?

Source: Macotakara

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Next generation iPod touch 5 rumors get detailed


I am really looking forward to this. But I don't understand how sales are declining. There's really no other option for storing and listening to music. I have the 64 gig iPod Touch 4th generation and (as far as I know) the iPod mini does not come in 64 gig capability. I keep hearing stories about how the supposed iPad Mini could replace the need for an iPod. Well, no it can't. As far as the rumours go, the iPad Mini will not come with 64 gig, plus I keep hearing about how the Mini will fit in your pocket. I don't know what size pants these people are wearing but it won't fit my jeans pocket any more than a Kindle would. The iPod touch is perfect. I've had every iteration of iPod Touch since they first came out and I'd hate to have Apple discontinue them. Who's with me???

iPod sales have been declining because of the convergence between the iPod and the iPhone, and will continue to decline because of the growing popularity of cloud-based streaming. Unless you have a very large music library that needs to be with you at all times offline, an iPod has limited appeal. Personally, I'd rather have the 120gb iPod Classic than an iPod Touch. My iPhone already has enough music storage for my day-to-day needs. I suspect that's the case for many consumers who used to buy the iPod Touch.

(Epeeist here, BTW.)

Sales are declining due to people either using there iPhone or android phone as their music player. Plus w/ music in the cloud no need to really store music on your phone. Another reason could be that apps like Pandora and other music streaming apps are getting pretty popular. As far as the mini fitting into your pants. I am w/ you on that one. Way to big for jeans pocket.

Can I just point out that we should all be calling this iPhone 6? We've had iPhone, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4 was the fourth iteration of the iPhone, the next iPhone will be the sixth iteration. Granted, this article talks about the next gen iPod Touch. Just saying! :)

It just seems like Apple is trying to close the gap between device. Remember, the iPod touch has other uses other than a gaming device. Especially in the hospitality industry. I go to restaurants where they use the iPod touch as a way to page guests.

Also, "... when iMore 'head' about..."?!?! I would expect this from Engadget but not you guys! ;)

That's a great point, not only that but some schools can use them as tools in the classroom as well as it being an affordable way to access the Internet and use useful and productive apps. Its not just a music player anymore!

Re: "While the iPod touch represents roughly half of all iPod sales, ..."

Great for Apple. iPod touch is all about increasing iOS market penetration. People who don't have smartphones (or who have non-iPhone smartphones) can still buy iPod touch without too much "product overlap."

Re: "... iPod sales as a whole have been trending down for a while now."

And that is due, in large part, to market maturity. Apple has dominated the market for years. There are fewer and fewer people switching from non-iPod media players and fewer and fewer iPod owners feel the need to upgrade to newer models.

a ipod touch with the iphone 4s specs would be great for people like me... people with a blackberry that love iOS for the games and apps... but want to keep the blackberry or android device... im a blackberry user and im waiting for this new ipod... the best of this is that i can enjoy iOS and Blackberry :) , if they kill the ipod touch line.. people like me have to think a lot to buy a iPhone...