Next iPad Air subtly redesigned if new images are to be believed

The iPhone 6 may be the hot new Apple device most of us are waiting on, but we shouldn't forget that there will probably be new iPads at some point this year too. Case in point, the images up top purport to show to the rear shell of the next iteration of the iPad Air with some subtle design changes.

If indeed this does belong to the "iPad Air 2" then we could be looking at a number of small tweaks including recessed volume buttons, a repositioned, rear facing microphone and larger speaker holes down the bottom. It also doesn't appear to have a cutout for the mute switch, but since we don't know for sure – at least, not until Tim Cook holds it up on stage – whether this case is legit, take it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Not a great deal is known about any future versions of the iPad Air at this point, and this could, maybe, possibly be the real deal we're looking at here. Or it might not. But if it is we could be looking at a mild refresh with a probable internal spec bump. Do you like what you see here?

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Reader comments

Next iPad Air subtly redesigned if new images are to be believed


Never been a great fan of 'leaks' ... they are mostly snaps of a highly unfinished product , low res images ( not this one though ) and looks unappealing most of the time. Besides kills the whole fun and excitement of a new product that gets unveiled in front of the whole world. I still like it the old school way.

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There have been leaks for the last three years or so. The last couple of iPhone leaks have been spot on months ahead of time. Rumors of changes to plugs, no change in design, cases. etc for the 5s all turned out to be correct. 4s and 5 as well. Hell the cases for the alleged ios 6 have been out for at least 4 or 5 months.

To me the surprise of a new product ended years ago because of Apple's inability to control leaks. I don't worry about it any more. Especially when i was severely disappointed at the lack of new design with the iphone 5. When that came out with essentially the same look as the 4s confirming the rumors, and then the same thing happened for the 5s i was like "man again the rumors were true." Now i'm guessing all the leaks we've already seen will be true because recently they have been right down to leaks about ios 7 being flattened and all white. I mean i've seen these and similar images so often that if it's not relatively similar i'll be stunned. Though if it doesn't have that funny top and bottom lines on it i'll be happy cause personally i think they look ugly.

Making stuff in a factory in China means it's almost inevitable these days that something legitimate will be posted on the web. Zero control.

I don't care either way. but if you want to be secret then you don't manufacture in a place you can't control and you don't complain about leaks. it's the cost of doing business there. I just don't care about announcements and being surprised. I don't watch keynotes. I just want to know what a new phone does, what it looks like, new features etc. When apple announces stuff i pretty much scan the blogs and read the "all you need to know" sort of posts.

The 4 and 4s don't look the same as 5 and 5s...the have the same shape maybe, but come on, all glass metal frame (4 & 4s), and front glass and part glass/aluminum back (5 & 5s) including the difference in screen sizes.

does to me. It's all they did was change the edge and screw up the colors. The back? I don't look at the back of my phone ever. Since it has no removable battery I never turn it over. You can think it looks the same but it's not remotely a material design change for me. It's just bigger with a different finish. Meh. If it's the same as the 4, 4s, 5, 5s i'll pass. I've been checking out android phones in the past year anyways.

That looks really odd to me and once you've had one iPad- haven't you really had them all in a sense? Apple just makes them lighter and a tad faster.

but if you go from an iPad 1 to an iPad air those small changes new iPad-ipad air being a bit more significant then they add up to a huge difference both physically and the experience

If legit, it's interesting that the iPad has a full logo cutout like the leaked iPhone 6 rear shells. Does that mean this particular shell is for a cellular model or could it be that Apple really does want a glowing Apple logo on the back of all their devices? I guess it doesn't get us any closer to an answer though.

All iPads have this Apple cutout on the rear. The glossy logo is itself a tight-tolerance metallic insert from the inside. I've always wondered though if they're ever use the logo area as antenna pass-through.

The black plastic apple is a window for BT and WiFi on iPads. From what I understand the clear logo is going to be for a light effect.

I honestly hope not, that would be shitty IMO.

i don't mind any of the changes, i just don't want them to can the muting button. i use it very often as a rotation lock on my iPad...

Who thinks there will be a iPad Pro (bigger iPad) and who thinks the next iPads will come in gold and Touch ID?

My opinion:

iPad Pro- 70% chance of happening
Gold Color and Touch ID- 90%

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