Next week's iPhone 5 (N42) will keep same price points, color options, storage capacities as iPhone 4S

Next week's iPhone 5 (N42) will keep same price points, color options, storage capacities as iPhone 4S

The new iPhone, which is expected to be announced at Apple's September 12 event next week, will reportedly keep the same price points and storage capacities as last year's iPhone 4S -- namely, $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB. This according to 9to5Mac's, Mark Gurman:

Here is the part codes matrix for the new iPhone launch from a source at a well-known U.S. retail chain: N42A-USA -$199, N42B-USA-$199, N42A-USA-$299, N42B-USA-$299, N42A-USA-$399, N42B-USA-$399. A + B signify black and white.

We also understand that this new iPhone N42 will come in the same prices as the iPhone 4S. With this, we speculate that the configurations will remain at the iPhone 4Sā€™s 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities.

Gurman has excellent sources and this also makes a lot of sense. Like I mentioned earlier this week, since Apple introduced the iPhone 3G in 2008, they've set the base model price point at $199, and the color options as black and white. They've also kept the same storage capacities for two generations each time. iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 went to 32GB. iPhone 4S went to 64GB, so we're probably due for another 32GB model before high density NAND flash prices fall enough to cram 128GB into an iPhone -- or Apple decides online storage via iCloud is a better, brighter future.

Likewise, while Apple has been happy to let their lower-end iPod shuffle and iPod nano lines go multi-chromatic, the iPhone hasn't varied in color from black and white since 2008. And Apple seems content to let case, sticker, and other 3rd party solutions handle anything else.

Anyone sad they're not getting a 128GB iPhone 5 in red next week?

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

Next week's iPhone 5 (N42) will keep same price points, color options, storage capacities as iPhone 4S


Could you mention the unlocked or unsubsidized price. Not interested in locking my phone down with any carrier.
Will that option be available when pre-orders are ready to go?

Apple usually doesn't release the unlocked versions right away. You probably have to wait a month or so for it.
The price is usually $300 higher on each unit for the unlocked version

I heard rumors in the past that Apple was considering an even smaller SIM card than currently used in the iPhone 4/4S. Is this really the case, or will the same SIMs currently used continue to be the standard? I wonder if the GEVEY unlock solution will continue to work with the new iPhone? Just random thoughts. :)

The carriers better give us the subsidized pricing! I got my iPhone 4S on launch day. Just checked AT&T. Not eligible for full discount until 5/15/2013!
Call *639# to check, get text message back.

the more I hear the more disappointed. So why would I upgrade from my 4s? For a little taller (not wider) screen? 4g (really) ? The 10th of a second is going to break me. So I can buy an adapter for all my cables? I must be missing something- someone chime in and let me know what else there is that demands all this hype. Because I would genuinely like to hear it.

I agree. This is extremely disappointing. I like android and apple products and have no bias. This is not innovation by any standard. This is called...just getting by. .5 inch bigger screen. Amazing stuff there. I'm truly disappointed in Apple this time around bc I was ready to preorder at full price. Maybe next year. In all honesty, I'm hoping they show something completely different bc nothing about this has been doubled down in secrecy.

So far there is nothing more than what you've just said that makes this phone anything special. Yet and still people will flock for it. I don't get it.

All you're hearing so far is speculation and what has leaked, intentionally or not. I'm reserving judgement until the end of Apple's announcement. Who knows what feature(s) might be there that will make this a must-have upgrade. I'm not holding my breath, but would be happy to be pleasantly surprised. They've done it before...

I agree, if you have the 4S, its not going to be as big of a change. If you have the 4, then you will see a bigger difference. Mainly cause the 4 doesn't have siri, won't get the navigation feature with Apple Maps on iOS 6, the camera doesn't have the fast shutter speed, no facetime over cellular (apple mentions this in the fine print on their site) etc. I am coming from a Android Galaxy Nexus, so I am super excited to get an iPhone. Being that I've had much bigger screens with Android, the 4" screen will be money. And now that I have had 4G LTE with Verizon, it's hard to go back, so that will be a nice plus with the iPhone 5. But I totally get your reasoning for not upgrading since you have the 4S.

This has been the case ever since the 3GS was released. The newest phone is not meant to compete directly with the one before, it's meant to compete with all models 2 generations and beyond. This pattern also gives contracted customers a feeling that they aren't missing out too much when new models are released on their off-cycle years, but will get a great upgrade when their contracts roll around for the next iteration.

These Specs are so underwhelming, hard to imagine. How about a new camera (with Zoom), something... anything else!

Re: "Anyone sad they're not getting a 128GB iPhone 5 in red next week?"

No, we got over it long ago. We doubt Apple will ship a 128GB iPhone any time soon. It's all about iCloud now. Apple doesn't want us to hoard all of our content on a single device.

The launch is already mounting up to be rather mediocre, and now we have to deal with the same storage capacities...after the retina display quadrupaling app sizes, after icloud shoving photostream into my memory, after the retina ipad forcing devs to quadruple app binary sizes for universal apps. This is getting to be some BS. New ipods (that most wont need if they have an iphone) will be cool and maybe some of the itunes services, but iphone hardware and the iOS front is looking to be dissapointing.

This is great news! My assumptions were accurate and I've got the right amount for the 32GB MSRP! VERY excited!

For those 4S owners who are pissed and underwhelmed, this is aimed more at the iPhone 4 owners than at you.

Also, Apple's got a helluva plan. Keeping coming out with featured that require more data usage while carriers are capping data plans. Carriers make more money.

Keep moving toward solid state drive on their laptops, thus lowering their storage capacities, and making it nearly impossible to locally, fully back up multiple or maxed-out devices and still have space on the laptop. Also, keep free iCloud accounts limited to 5 GB's so that's not enough to back up, either. Thus forcing more customers to buy more iCloud storage and/or pay a mint for additional laptop storage.

I've got a 128 GB laptop but more than 128 GB of iOS devices.

Dude, you title these articles like you're about to give some specific way through which you know these statements as indisputable facts. You can't just title an article, "Next week's iPhone 5 (N42) WILL keep same price points, color options, storage capacities as iPhone 4S," "iPhone 5 PREVIEW: 4-inch, 16:9 aspect ratio, in-cell display," and "Leaks ACCURATE, this IS what the new iPhone WILL look like" and then follow with nothing but evidence-less claims and rumors. I understand you know more about apple-products than most people, and I do enjoy most articles you write, but when it comes to knowing information about phones that are yet to be released, you know exactly as much as anyone else following these blogs: nothing but rumors. #endrant

Rene, are you sure that they won't be announcing a new color that comes out almost a year later like the white iPhone did 2 generations ago?

Hoping that Apple is doing the opposite of last year :

Last year everyone was stoked about a new iPhone (5). Instead we got surprised by a mediocre presentation and ended up getting a minor upgrade to iPhone 4 with beta Siri.
This year I'm hoping they're getting us all fooled that the iPhone 5 will just be a .5 inch taller 4S and then BAM they'll hit us with something AMAZING !

If not , then Nokia here I come. :-)