NFL Now goes for a touchdown on Apple TV

NFL Now goes for a touchdown on Apple TV

The Apple TV continues to expand it's sports lineup, today adding NFL Now. Just ahead of the new football season, the channel provides provides on-demand content from the National Football League, and works best if you have an NFL Now account.

NFL Now lets you watch series and highlights from past games. Shows include Hard Knocks, America's Game, as well as the most popular videos on NFL Now. The Highlights section has a wealth of clips from the preseason, and will fill up with videos from the season as it continues. If you're a member of NFL Now, you can sign in to view your own personalized channel. NFL Now Plus customers can subscribe to the paid service through the Apple TV, and of course restore a subscription if necessary.

What do you think of NFL Now on the Apple TV? Let us know below in the comments.

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NFL Now goes for a touchdown on Apple TV


Someday perhaps, just maybe, Apple will remember that they've been selling the Apple TV in countries which aren't called America.

Then again, maybe not, but we can always dream.

Apple doesn't control the content of the app or where its content can be distributed. It's up to the NFL to clear it for broadcast outside of the US. See DRM.

Now they just need to add the ability to stream live games like MLB. Direct TV's lock on Sunday Ticket is getting ridiculous in this day and age. How can the NFL not see they are losing revenue by only allowing such a small percentage of fans from accessing Sunday Ticket?

The NFL makes $39.6 Billion dollars from domestic tv network contracts. THIRTY NINE BILLION! It's They aren't losing any revenue of consequence. They aren't hurting for revenue.

Pay per game would be great. Other than that, why pay for what's on espn 3 hours a day?

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I can't speak to the experience on Apple TV but NFL Now was a disaster for me on the website and on Roku. The website has autoplay video and it locked up my browser to the point I had to kill it with Task Manager. On Roku, it claimed my username was too short, even though the website was perfectly fine with it.

I still think MLB at Bat is the gold standard (even with the contractual black outs) but this NFL Now app isn't bad. For a $1.99/month, seems reasonable, at least for the season. I'm glad the NFL is stepping up its game.

I am surprised, this channel is amazingly good! The price is $2 is fair too. Now if only they would get rid of the other ios app that won't airplay and combine it with this so we can watch games and the NFL channel live, it would be perfect.

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