ngmoco's We Rule for iPhone hits Canadian App Store


Once again, a new ngmoco's game has hit the Canadian App Store first -- this time it's kingdom-builder We Rule [Free with in-app purchases - iTunes link]. Hey, there's no Hulu or Google Voice in Canada, so fair's fair!

Like all recent ngmoco games, We Rule leverages the social gaming element via their Plus+ network, and has in-app purchases for "Mojo" which basically speed up things like growing crops and building homes, so you can pay if you don't want to wait. In this case, Mojo can run from $0.99 to for 1 to $49.00 for 800. You don't have to buy it, you just have to be patient if you don't.

It seems like you do have to log in to play, however, which is handy since you can keep one game going over multiple devices (like your iPhone and iPod touch, as long as they're logged in to the same Plus+ account), but if you don't care about that and just want to launch and play on your own, it's a step you can't skip.

No doubt ngmoco is doing what they do best here, taking a popular category of game and making it their own -- and making it excellent for the iPhone OS platform. If you're a fan of these types of farming, kingdom building games, you'll likely be a big fan of We Rule.

Again, Canadian only for now, though @ngmoco is giving away codes to allow early US access on Twitter. If you download it -- or score a code -- let us know what you think!

Ton'o pictures and a video... after the break!

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ngmoco's We Rule for iPhone hits Canadian App Store


If it isn't 4 the USA & China the rest of the world would have nothing the rest of the world are lazy.. USA&CHINA The Only places on earth that provide the world stuff so WTF...USA China USA China...

Its not on all app stores yet as they always test these things in canada as it has good demopgrahics for them, so they dont get thousands of bad reviews

What a smart way to make money - pay and you can beat you friends! Don't need skills anymore!!

Hey, I downloaded it and can't stop playing. The badge notifications hen crops and buildings are done is fantastic, and yes it was clearly based on Farmville, however it feels like Harvest moon fused with Sim City.
And you are correct, it was tested in Canada, its on the site for the app. Get it when its out, you will love it!

A great game! Similar to Farmville, but with that special touch that makes it fun. It's visually very appealing, and will surely soon be one of the most downloaded games!

Can someone tell me how to use mojo? I'm clicking at the top right corner where there is how many gold and mojo you have then it takes me to the mojo store... Help please :)

Great game.
I'm level 9 just starting my 3rd day.
Please dd me and click on my buildings to do orders.
They're always open. I need more friends :(
Add me: Torontoballers

@ Antoine... Mojo is used when you're making a building or a house and you want to speed it up.
You click on the construction and it says "use mojo".
If you have any, you can use it to skip the build time.

You can use mojo on crops to you click on the crops theirs mojo and a number beside it like 2 that means if you use mojo it takes 2 mojo

Yo! hey guys I was playing today but now the game says the server is down. This game is dependent on the server connection so no playing offline.

need more friends - I always have "idle" stores. candise1967 also add mellisis (he has a graveyard -cool idea). I've done the math and peas are the yop crop money earners....that is if you can go every 30 mins. to harvest. Servers going down made me not be able to deliver many orders today - sad. Sorry to those I let down....wasn't my fault.

Can anyone help me with the "HIRE A FRIEND OBJECTIVE" pleaaaase i neeed a good explanation i cant understand how

Dntx: after u plant a seed, click on it again and a window will open up asking if u want to use mojos. keep trying.

I build the some shop, got open bussiness sign , but friends can not placed any order? anyone got same problems???

add me, level 15, i have lots of shops too!!
though when i add friends, their castle doesn't shop up on my world map. i've added friends, but they never shop up on the world map so that means i have to keep searching them. help please.

add me please got lots of open shops
or it might be katie loves pandas
also add

Hey guys, hire a friend objective just means to go to someone else's world and place an order in an open shop by clicking on a spare open sign!!! Please add me and come say hello!! Davekid101

Just wondering, before i waste my money, is there any point in buying the fountain, silo, or water tower???
btw my username is temichi add me!

Please somebody help me with the hire a friend task! I can't figure it out, and I have two friends that are open! Step by step maybe?

I have friends, but I do not see any open signs when I go into their kingdom, how can I hire someone???

We rule secret when u open we rule on the first page showing u and your friends kingdoms double click the screen and clouds suck it up and it turns blank! Double click again to go back

I added several people who said they had shops open and only 1 of them worked for me. Davekid101 yours did not work, no open sign showed up on yours. Fisher8605 was the finally the one that worked. How do I make sure my business have an Open sign?

New to visiting peoples kingdoms. I've clicked on some peoples open businesses, are mine automatically open to others? Or do I need to do something special? Thanks! Add me :)

qqpee - when you add friends, they can see your open shops, try it. Add me and lets trade. I will trade with all that add me.

Is anyone having this issue? When a building says we're open but it will not take your order. Any suggestions out there....please?

Hey, how to do the HIDE A FRIEND objective? How to have bussiness?
Sorry for the language faults, but I'm not English...

Was getting bored after level 18, but with the new additions they've pulled me back. I've been playing this for about 2 months now and never had to buy anything. Very cool.
Plus+: prettyRBK

add me = jasvinbindra
ive got a barn,bakery, windmill, wizards tower, pond, lumber mill, school, tailor, mining camp and a butcher.
all these businesses are available for work! add me if you want loadss of money!

I'm called Mas-San.
Been playing for a week now and I like the game so far! I am level 14 almost 15 and I have a few nice open shops for people to see. Come take a visit!