Nike+ FuelBand app updated with sleep tracking, calibration

Nike+ FuelBand app updated with sleep tracking, calibration

Nike has updated the Nike+ FuelBand app for iOS, the app designed to work with Nike's wildly popular wristband activity tracker and fitness monitor.

New to the 2.1 release is the ability to track when and how long you sleep - the information is recorded on Nike+ Sessions. You can also calibrate your Cycling, Yoga and Training sessions after your workout. You can also now more easily cheer a friend when they share a session to a Group. Bug fixes and other improvements have also been made.

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Nike+ FuelBand app updated with sleep tracking, calibration


There seems to be an ongoing trend to broaden the swath of biometric functions that many fit apps offer. I wonder how much longer before dietary intake schedules become a widely used feature. That would be great for retiming our eating schedules.

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Maybe I'm being daft but I updated before sleeping last night and create a sleep session and it is absolutely no different to what was there in v2.0.

Am I missing something?

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I've had 2 of these products and both fell apart within 3 months of purchase. The first died due to manufacturing/software defects and was replaced, the second the band extension piece's latch decided it was done holding together. I would not waste money on these things.

I also updated and didn't notice any thing different. It claims you can adjust or edit the intensity of a workout, I don't see that. The band it's self I like some people claim it breaks easily I've had mine for a months and so far it's holding up nicely so far.

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