Nintendo and Sony Feeling iPhone Heat?

iPhone SDK: Hardcore Gaming

We have covered the iPhone and gaming from top to bottom here at TiPb. The iPhone still has a lot of catching up to do in terms of the quality of the games and you can also toss in the lack of physical controls as a huge negative. All that aside, for the most part we've felt that if Apple plays their cards correctly, they could be a major player in the handheld gaming wars alongside the likes of Nintendo and Sony.

Maybe you've agreed with us, maybe you haven't. If you've disagreed with our opinions and views that's fine and dandy but maybe, just maybe, you will listen to Trip Hawkins. Who's Trip Hawkins you ask? He started a little gaming company called Electronic Arts.

"The iPhone is by far our most effective platform. We make as much money with these games on one device as we do putting a game on 100 different cell phone platforms. Between the iPod touch and the iPhone, I think the platform is freaking out Sony and Nintendo."

That is a pretty strong statement. It may be a great thing as more and more developers will take the iPhone as a serious contender and produce more and higher quality games, or it may prove to be one of the biggest pitfalls. It may encourage more developers to throw quality and innovation out the window and simply pump out below-average games just to make that quick profit. Up until this point we've seen a combination of some high quality games and some pure garbage. In the end, it's about the almighty dollar and we get that. Hopefully game developers come up with ways to push the platform to the next level.

So where do you see this going in the long run for the iPhone as a gaming platform? Lets hear your thoughts!


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Nintendo and Sony Feeling iPhone Heat?


99% of games on the iPhone are garbage. A few have amazed me though, so there is some potential. Part of the problem is price, a DS game is $50 - an iPhone game is around $10.

I think personally that the Iphone can become a handheld killer, yet the problem is that we're not pushing the boundary hard enough. (For example)I can put most of what I own on a bet that if Blizzard took their great pc games and morphed them onto the Iphone (albeit not to that extent) it would sell millions and at 4-10 bucks a pop, so goes on the killing of DS and PSPs. If you jailbreak an Iphone it automatically adds so much more depth verses the two combined, and seeing how Apple likes to make many generations of their products, I can't help to wait to see the Iphone become the first cellular handheld laptop. -- Rick

All that we need is an external dpad and a couple of buttons . First company to give us a jacket which combines these things will be the time I'll consider the iphone as a serious contender. A physical button is needed for gaming touch screen sucks for games in my opinion and the tilt control ain't really working for me when it comes to driving games.
Dpad please!

Come software 3.0 which allow access to the ports for external devices, i'm sure some third party addon controllers are in the works.

iPhone games are getting bigger and better. The big companies are turning out some pretty good games. Handheld gaming isn't the same as console gaming, they need to be able to be picked up and played for short periods most of the time. Most iPhone games are very good at that. There are arcade style games for killing a few minutes or bigger games that could take a few hours to finish. I hope Apple keeps going and beefs up the power some, Nintendo and Sony are probably spinning their heads trying to figure out what they can do.

I have been impressed with the games on the iPhone. And not just all the "driving" games. Real Soccer is proof that a sports game can rock on the iPhone. Bothers in Arms game play is great too. With both of these games you don't "need" a D-Pad IMHO, although it would be nice. Also, with subscription services coming out we should be able to download more levels and team roster updates too.

I'm not a gamer and have zero games on my iPhone. But it seems to me that maybe Apple should consider developing a separate gaming device (that could also run all current App Store games), giving people all of the controls needed. After all, its called the iPhone, not the iGamer, and will always be primarily a communications device leaving it's games limited. Non-gaming people aren't going to want to buy phones with extra game buttons and additional connectors for controllers (unless they can use the already existing phone connector).
Just as long as my iPhone never shows any signs of playing games, I don't care what they do. :)

Maybe if the home button was a joystick, like the one on the PSP. Don't see a game controller ever catching on, makes the platform non-standard, which goes against it's biggest benefits!

First off, I love gaming on my iPhone, with that comes battery life issues though. Even though it seems like it's not using too much resources, it eats away the power way too quickly.
Secondly, I do almost agree with one of the posters saying 99% of the games are garbage. While I don't think 99% are, there are more that are just lame. When I say lame I don't mean the game is simple (e.g. puzzle games). I mean that some are just extremely not well thought out yet Apple has let them be sold because it does not go against their rules on software.
Third, I don't think it's too big of a competition for especially DS. Parents are NOT going to buy their kids an iPhone or even iPod touch that easily. On the price range on hardware by itself, I would get the DS over iPhone/iPod, that is a personal preference.
Has iPhone/iPod changed a bit of what we think of gaming? Of course, and I love it. But!! To me, it's a phone first not a gaming device. Besides, a little competition is great for all of us!!!

i think you don´t know much about iphone games frog...that 99% coment shows it...
@Steve...i ditched my ds (had a psp too) since i got the iphone. What it love is the all in one concept. What your purpose is MORE of the SAME

antonioj: Nope, sorry. I've only found a few games I've played beyond the first day, the vast majority are deleted within an hour of downloading them. There's about 7000 games in the AppStore. If You think MORE THAN 70 (1%) of them are really good, you must be easily pleased! And as for competition to Sony/Nintendo - how many of those 70 games are of handheld console quality, 3? Perhaps none!!!!!!

I don't even know what ds or psp is :p. I was only saying that if people really want more controls, buttons, and connectors, it doesn't matter to me as long as my iPhone isn't ruined with them. It seems there are many people out there (and here) who DO want what you call "more of the same." And to my disappointment and worry, it seems Apple cares about gamers.

Apple should develop a controller extension that connects via the dock connector and third party game apps would support it as the default.