No, Apple didn't 'leak' a 13-inch iPad Pro with stylus on their website...!

No, Apple didn't 'leak' a 13-inch iPad Pro with stylus on their website...!

For a while now we've been getting innumerable tips about a supposed 13-inch iPad Pro — with stylus no less — being "leaked" on as part of their most recent supplier responsibility report. We've gotten a dozen or so today alone. Here's the thing: Apple doesn't leak unannounced products. The odds of a new iPad appearing in a throwaway graphic — when no event is even in sight — is as close to absolute zero as the temperature in deep space. What you're looking at above is just the lid assembly of a MacBook and a markup tool. Nothing less and certainly nothing more.

We could go on and on about the Apple logo placement, the translucency rather than etching, the design language, etc. etc. but it really is just as simple as that. We absolutely appreciate all your tips, and love that you're as excited about potential future Apple products as we all are, but if and when any leaks come, they almost certainly won't be from Apple. They do their business on the keynote stage.

In the meantime if your friends are sending you links to the image above, send them back links to this!

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No, Apple didn't 'leak' a 13-inch iPad Pro with stylus on their website...!


Nope. I was referring to the fact that the 3.5" screen size was touted by Apple as the most suitable for the human hand, nullifying the need to go bigger. Was just an example to support my point.

True, but you do need a stylus to *draw* on an iPad and I wish they would someday make a model for those of us that like to or need to, draw.

The only artists in the world that seriously use an iPad to draw on are those who's art was basically done in a blobby, finger-paint kind of style to begin with. I continuously find it sad that iPads could potentially replace all drawing materials (make the cocktail napkin sketch obsolete!), but so far they aren't capable of it.

+1 I completely agree. But apple no longer is designing their products for artist and designers solely. That ship sailed years and years ago. Quite sad actually.


Gazoobee, I love to draw on my iPad. In fact, I make a living doing it and the experience just gets better and better. There are several players including Adobe and Wacom that are seriously bringing the drawing experience to the iPad. If you are among those you mention who would like to draw on your iPad, there are at least three popular Bluetooth styli on the market that are pressure sensitive and some apps even support palm rejection on the iPad.

Personally I use a Jot Touch 4 with my iPad 3 Retina and a copy of Procreate. But there are other set ups. I can attest to mine, it rocks. I haven't used a cocktail napkin in years ;)

I remember seeing this and thinking "why the hell is she looking so intently at a MacBook casing?" I could see where the confusion began.

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I had a Macbook screen replacement done and was eager to have the thing in my hands, to which the tech obliged... I was very weird to hold a decapitated Macbook lid in my hands, but the thing that surprised me the most was how lightweight it was.

And if you didn’t need all those silly components like antennas, processors, memory and batteries in an iPad; the Macbook screen assembly would be a terrific tablet! ;¬)

Eventually Apple might be able to eliminate the aluminum and just go with laminated glass / synthetic sapphire for the "lid." It would be thinner and possibly easier to manufacture.

You can get Windows pcs with touch screens, but it seems that Apple will never introduce a touch screen to the MacBook.
I once saw a guy in Costco encourage his daughter to go up and touch the screen on an iMac. I resisted telling him that the screen was not touch sensitive.

Oh, I didn't mean it that way. iOS would be fine. Just meant that a tablet that thin, light and quality would be awesome.

But then again, Apple was never supposed to introduce an iPhone with a screen greater than 3.5 inches.

It looks like a pencil with a Hello Kitty eraser top on it, not a stylus.

The overall picture looks, to me, like a PR picture showing off how intent workers are at hunting down flaws.

I want my iPad pro to resemble a rectangular Captain America shield, and also, I'd like the stylus to be the explosive, James Bond variety.
Or maybe to riff on Phil Schiller's remark... "13" iPad Pro" my ass.

I posted the same pic on my Instagram saying "did apple just leak the iPad pro?" Now I see it is a MacBook #ifeelsodumb

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What people will do to try to draw readers and get attention. If they could just do factual and great reporting could be away to get the attention.

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If it wasn't leaked then what was It- they never said what it was, but that it wasn't leaked

My question is:
If it wasn't leaked than what was it?

Please answer!!!

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And so help me God, I will continue to unfollow every jackass on Twitter who posts or retweets links and crap about how "Sic the iPhone 6 looks!"

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