No, Apple hasn't listed todays 12 Days of Gifts offering for £12.99

There seems to be some confusion this morning over Apple's day two 12 Days of Gifts offering, so let's clear things up. No, Apple hasn't listed todays gift for £12.99 – or whatever it might equate to elsewhere – it is definitely listed for free. Yes, tapping view gift takes you to something priced at £12.99, but that isn't the gift.

Take a closer look at the image above, where "Kalahari" is clearly displayed, an episode from the BBC series "Africa". Tap on the same episode when you're sent to the iTunes Store and you'll see that it is indeed a free download. Apple's mistake isn't pricing their gift, Apple's mistake is not taking you directly to the episode that's free.

And that's all there is to it. Of course, you might be seeing a different gift to us British folk and wonder what all the fuss is about anyway, but there it is. No price slip, just not the best redirect we've ever seen.

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No, Apple hasn't listed todays 12 Days of Gifts offering for £12.99


Same in US store, though the show is "Once Upon A Time" and the Episode is "Pilot" - the link takes you to the season one page.

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We have a free game "Tiny Thief" here in Hong Kong. How about you others, what app did you guys get for free?

Tiny thief is free in the US appstore. I don't understand. What's the point in giving something that's already free?

Yeah, I hate to complain but I tend to agree. In the US we have a TV pilot. TV _pilots_ should always be free. They are the first episode, that theoretically gets you to buy/watch the rest if the season.

I think the "gifting" app is really the "teaching those unfamiliar with buying apps, TV shows, music" app how to do it. It's a "tutorial" masked as freebies.

Its just as well I like programmes like this as I clicked on the purchase before I could see what episode was for free, so I have gone and paid £12.99. Normally when an episode is offered for free it takes you directly to that episode and lists the other paid episodes below, but here you have to click three or four times before you get to the free episode, so it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of people end up complaining that they have indeed ended up paying for the whole series instead of just downloading the free episode.

maybe I am a complete idiot that clearly needs more coffee but I click on view gift and all I get is the once upon a time episode pilot and it brings me to the full season page- I do not see any other option to redirect it someplace else...

to @phreddyl and anyone else having this issue.
1. Open the 12 days of gifts app
2. You will see "Day 2" Once upon a time episode 1 pilot (for US store)
3. Hit were it says "View gift". You'll be taken to the OUAT main page showing it costs $24.99, BELOW you'll see the Details/review/related. BELOW that, you'll see description and BELOW, you'll see "1. Pilot" HIT THERE it'll take you to the pilot and it is Free in HD or SD
4. You are welcome.

The mistake was Apple's, since they didn't post the direct link to the pilot...unless they wanted it that way, I also thought at first that they were charging.

The fact that someone needs to post about how to get the free gift because it's not really clear that its free says a lot. Something is broken in the way they are doling out the gifts.

I was just looking at the gift and the App for (Once Upon a Time the pilot) is listed in the app for $24.99. When I click on it even going to the Pilot Episode is still listed for $24.99. I like the series but I am not going to take the chance that Apple will charge me $25 for it. Let's see what Day 3 brings.

The actual pilot episode should be listed as free. At least that's how it was showing up for me when I saw it this morning. The season and individual episodes should all be showing their regular price (with the exception of the "free" pilot).

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The app of "12 gifts" is more of a "here are the free things we have" this is getting stupid, 1 episode only, or one app already free and bad music. What else? I'm happy they are "gifting" stuff but the things they are gifting aren't very good. Just Saying.

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As a US resident this is my first year getting to participate in this. So far Days 1 and 2 have been a disappointment. Hope it gets better.

Hey USA users, did anyone notice that Day 2 gift went from Once Upon A Time - Pilot Episode to a free game? Tiny Thief. I checked at 10pm (MST) last night and it was OUAT. I got a reminder/notification a few moments ago and for sh*ts and giggles I hit 'free' (to see if maybe Apple had sorted out the whole taking one to the whole season versus pilot episode... which btw, was offered for free about a year ago) and it took me to Tiny Thief instead. Just a friendly PSA. :)

I've been offered both OUAT and Tiny Thief today... neither of which I'm interested in at all... thanks anyway Apple... :)

On the first day of Christmas Apple gave to me - a crappy Timberlake CD.

On the second day of Christmas Apple gave to me - a lousy episode from TV.

On the third day of Christmas Apple gave to me - a book that no one wants to read.

Okay - you get the hint. Why would Apple go through all this trouble to develop an app that doles out worthless gifts? I know free is free, but at least give us something worth downloading.

How disappointing.

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