No iWatch, Apple TV hardware at WWDC

No iWatch, new Apple TV hardware at WWDC

We've been hearing rumors about the fabled Apple iWatch and the mythical new Apple TV for what seems like an eternity and a half, and according to the latest report we're going to have to keep waiting. If you somehow thought that WWDC 2014 would see Apple showing off one or both of those, you're about to be let down.

Announcements at WWDC have for the past several years centered on software. This year is expected to be no different, with an overhauled OS X 10.10 'Syrah' and iOS 8 expected to play a starring role. Re/code's John Paczkowski's sources say that we shouldn't expect to see either piece of hardware, nor the software they'll be running, previewed next month:

Tim Cook will not use WWDC to unveil Apple's mythical wearable device. Nor will he use it to show off a new Apple TV, or even preview the new software the company is developing for it.

And that should come as little surprise. There will be plenty to cover between the two software updates, and the launch of an iWatch will no doubt be tied to the launch of the iPhone 6. And there's doubtless plenty of work left to be done on both the wearable and the TV. When they're ready they'll be ready, and not a moment sooner.

Source: Re/code's

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No iWatch, Apple TV hardware at WWDC


Far as I know, iWatch was never slated for WWDC and the Apple TV seems to have no pressure behind it, so it will just ship when the software and deals are in place.

WWDC hasn't been a crazy hardware show for a while now. The software is the story.

Something tells me that the iWatch announcement will get its own event.

The only exception is if Apple decides to temper expectations, and makes it a "one more hobby" type announcement at the iPhone 6 event.

Where are the new products promised by the truckload? We've heard this for the last few years and then we wait for a year or two before a single one sees the light of day. I don't consider 100MHz speed bumped MBA's a new product. It's a refresh. Apple has 150 billion in the bank so you would think Apple could afford to hire one more programmer and another engineer. I just read that Apple was moving some programmers off of iOS 8 and moving them to work on OSX. Pathetic!

Sometimes, having more isn't always better, especially when it comes to software. Plus they pull workers every year from one project to another.

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Ya these engineers aren't just falling off trees. I would rather it take longer with the best engineers working on it. I think the iWatch will get its own event. Looking forward to iOS improvements.

vox, I hope you're being sarcastic.
Who promised "new products by the truckload"? And what you're [reading] are rumors cooked up by crap journalists and fan-boys. They certainly did not make a big deal about the MBA, nor do I think they consider it to be a new product either. You have the wrong idea about product DEVELOPMENT. Throwing more, NEW, hands on a new project can severely cripple productivity. iOS 8 is not going to be a huge change, 10.10 is more likely to be bigger change, therefore, if managed properly, could use the help checking code and finding bugs. Again, please just say you were being sarcastic.

Call one of the most successful companies "pathetic" bc of your own misguided views on what they should be doing brehs..........
--OH, WAIT!!!!.....they have 150 billion just sitting there, smh. C'mon b, you're better than that

Cook did imply in an investors' call that there would be products released throughout the year rather than all in autumn (in view is stock price issues last year and everybody saying apple had nothing).

I'm fairly certain there will be hardware at WWDC. Perhaps a souped up iMac with 4k, certainly monitors , and why not some some or MacBook Pro retina innovation? Or even an iPad /keyboard combo?

Obviously it'll be great to see osx 10.10 and iOS 8 - with, I'm certain, much talk of iOS apps running on 10.10 rather than those aged widgets and dev talk for that.

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"Cook did imply in an investors' call that there would be products released throughout the year rather than all in autumn..."

Cook clarified in the Oct. 2013 conference call:
"I didn't say in April that you would see them in this year and the first half of next year just to be clear on that. But what I have said is – I have said that you would see some exciting new products from us in the fall of this year and across 2014."

Note also that he did not specify "product categories" here, though he did mention them later. The "across 2014" time frame was just for products in general. Cook was basically not specific enough, so analysts & pundits ran wild with his comments. He'll probably go back to the more typical silence when asked about new products or categories.

"If you somehow thought that WWDC 2014 would see Apple showing off one or both of those, you're about to be let down."

Well duh. WWDC is for prepping developers for OS feature updates (currently iOS and OS X.) No need to prep developers for OSes that they aren't allowed to program for. I'm pretty sure iWatch will follow the closed Apple TV model.

Apple will cherry-pick specific brands for iWatch, just like they do for Apple TV. They'll either write the apps themselves or coach their brand-partners and help them develop a few high-visility apps. I doubt they'll create all-new App Stores for either device and let just any random developer publish iWatch and Apple TV apps. No need to make those APIs public, so no need to have any WWDC sessions for them.

Duh back at yourself but how do you explain the WWDC in the past where both new hardware and software were announced ?

Last year was MOSTLY software, no? They announced the MacPro, though. So maybe they will announce new hardware. I think they'll announce an AppleTV API, accompanied with an announcement of a beefed up AppleTV gen4. Maaaybe an iWatch in September with iPhone 6.

Wow. Everything leading up to this post pointed toward seeing an iWatch this year at WWDC. I was actually a small bit angered by this and the. I read the rest of the post. It DOES make sense to release this new product with the iPhone 6. My hope is it will be tethered into all iOS 8 devices and not just the iPhone 6. This would mean an upgrade for only one extra feature

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If they never make an iWatch, who cares? I'd rather have iCash, a promotional where I get an Apple gadget, and Tim Cook comes and gives me $50.

I'd use it to buy lunch at the local Greek place and we can make fun of stupid pundits and Scott Forestall's terrible hairdo.

Oh wait, I mean "no they're doomed Steve Jobs died so now Apple is dying oh noes no no Forestall getting fired oh no where's the Apple TV set oh no Apple is doomed."

Did i do it right?

Apple and iMore, can we PLEASE stop calling it "OS X 10.10?" That's OS X 10.1 with a zero on the end. The next major upgrade from 10.9, if numbered properly, is 11.0. This is making me crazy, and I can't be the only one.

You are aware version numbers don't follow mathematical rules?
After 10.9, there's 10.10 and even after 10.11 and 10.12

"This is making me crazy and I can't be the only one" [to see people bitching about stuff they don't know].

Yes, version numbers are different for example the Chrome Browser app is: 34.0.1847.18.
As for an iWatch that will probably come out with iOS 8, if one does come.