Nokia ad campaign takes aim at iPhone reception, screen, and build quality

Nokia ad campaign takes aim at iPhone reception, screen, and build quality

Nokia has kicked off an ad campaign called Smartphone Beta Test, which features mock video clips roughly describing the development process of the iPhone, and suggest that end consumers are just a part of some big public beta test. That's pretty funny considering Microsoft said that Windows Phone would take about five years after launch to fully mature, but let's leave that alone for now. One fictional product manager tries to raise performance issues relating to display quality outdoors, fragility of the phone against impact, and reception issues (better known as the infamous Death Grip). Of course, he's talked down to by two coworkers telling him ridiculous things like "so don't go outside" and feeding him the classic "you're holding it wrong" line.

While you might expect this sort of thing from Nokia, AT&T's participation is surprisingly aggressive considering their close relationship with Apple. One graphic dug up from the site's source code shows AT&T store locations on a map and a caption that reads "If you've used a smartphone in the last 5 years, it was a tester. To exchange your phone for the Lumia 900, visit an AT&T location today."

I found Samsung's anti-iPhone ads pretty funny, but something about these is just dated. Are we really still trying to bust Apple's chops about antennagate? Anyway, here are the ads. Downvote at will.

Reference: Intomobile

Source: wpcentral

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Reader comments

Nokia ad campaign takes aim at iPhone reception, screen, and build quality


You know the Samsung commercials were at least funny, these are just stupid. Makes you wonder, is Nokia really that desperate?

I chuckled on a couple of the ads, but at this point Nokia/MS is going have to prove that their phone is a whole lot better to get people to leave their iPhones. Users love their iPhone apps, so now competitors have to come up with compelling reasons to leave not just their beloved devices but the Apple ecosystem too.

I can't watch them, I won't give Nokia the satisfaction of poking at issues that are, in some cases, two generations old. It would be like making fun of me because I was the fat kid in high school, but that was 30 years and 200 pounds ago.
I'm no more that fat kid than the iPhone is the piece of garbage these companies would have you believe.
You do not get to be the largest, most valued company in the world, in history, ever, by accident....

Oh, and manufacturers? Don't try to convince me my choice was bad, because my next choice might be you. Is that wrong too? Instead of telling me what a mistake I made by buying an iPhone, why don't you make something I'll want more? Try that, it worked for Apple.

HAHAHAHA, these are brilliant!!
Not making me want to leave my iphone, but hilarious none the less.. Bravo Nokia..

Yeah they are not funny until you go back to the iMore page and see the post about the Seidio CONVERT, then the first gets hilarious.

I do like the holding it wrong commercial from these guys. Got a chuckle or two out of me. Let's be real folks, yes we all love our iPhones but Steve really dropped the ball when he began telling people that we were "holding it wrong"

Does AT&T really have that ironclad contract with Apple? Because even if Tim isn't Steve, I'm pretty sure they will be getting a "you really want to play this game" phone call soon if this stuff keeps up...imagine AT&T without iPhones... :)

nokia software is crap, so they restored to windows 7.5 to save their crap lumia, i work for rogers and send more nokias for repair then blackberrys. i use an iphone and always will. when your phone craps out goodluck using your warranty, they almost dont want to warranty it. apple warantys out of warranty.

I don't understand that last sentence. Besides, most people can't get insurance from the carrier if they have an iPhone.

Seems simple enough: Nokia won't repair covered phones as well as Apple repairs out of warranty phones.

Funnier than Samsung's IMO but what ever, all commercials are equally lame. In any case; my Lumia 900 should be at my door on Friday.

I ordered a Lumia 900 to replace my iPhone 4. I agree that the antenna thing is old at this point. I do like the one about it being fragile though, as that is my (and many others I know) main complaint about the iPhone.

I wonder how the tech world would respond if Apple released ads with this mixture of meanness and dumbness. How about "Dude, sell your Nokia stock, like, NOW. The company only has months to live."
Or how about "Lumia? Is that the new Hyundai?"

Even if people do believe these foolish commercials, what's the alternative? I don't remember them mentioning one.

My iPhone screen broke today. But regardless, I will not be buying a Nokia. The only other phone I would consider would be an Android Samsung.

I like them and I think they are funny. It makes me laugh a lot at some of the post here. Seriously, Apple know about all these issues and really did do nothing, so yeah it is funny. Retire my old icrap 4 and bring in anything with Microsoft's name on it.

I haven't watched the videos yet (something tells me they might not be worth watching), but I do agree that the whole "death grip" issue is a bit tired and dated now. And it appears to have been addressed in the 4S. I've had my iPhone 4 for a year and a half now, with no major death grip-related issues. But then my 4 rarely leaves its Otter Box anyway, so that might be why.
I am looking forward to the release of the Lumia 900, tho. I like the bigger screen and how WP7 works. I'm looking for a worthy successor to my 4. If the Lumia 900 ends up meeting my needs as a device, I'll probably get one, and keep my 4 as a backup phone.

I own a Windows Phone and really admire what Nokia is doing for marketing of that product. I'm EXTREMELY disappointed and embarrassed by this.

Finally, I saw a commercial worse than that piece of garbage Motorola calls marketing with the "iPad killer" itself, the Xoom.
What a joke, and what an embarrassment.

I really don't think these ads are actually targeted at iPhone users. Personally, I think they're aimed at frustrated Android users who might be considering a switch to iPhone.