Nokia Sees Apple's Counter-suit, Files Against Virtually Everything


Nokia, massive if alien-to-North America, sued Apple for WiFi/GSM/HSPA patent violation, at which point Apple spun around and counter-sued for iPhone patent violation, and now Nokia has yelled the legal equivalent of "fire everything!"

According to PC World:

Nokia fired the latest salvo in its ongoing patent dispute with Apple, saying Tuesday that it has filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission charging that Apple infringes its patents "in virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players and computers."

The complaint involves seven patents that Nokia says Apple is using to "create key features" in products related to the user interface and camera, antenna and power management technologies. Nokia wants the ITC to investigate its claims.

So, if we can piece the story together as we've heard it rumored, Nokia is supposed to license it's pooled patents to Apple under the same equitable and reasonable terms as everyone else, but decided they wanted Apple to counter-license their iPhone patents to Nokia. Apple declined, Nokia sued, Apple counter-sued, and now Nokia is seeing them and raising the stakes -- to the very roof.

Nokia is huge, Apple has billions, this could drag on for years and years. We're guessing the execs don't care and neither do the lawyers.

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Reader comments

Nokia Sees Apple's Counter-suit, Files Against Virtually Everything


LOl, Would be very interesting to find out how the iPod Touch and Macs infringe on their patents. I smell desperation on Nokia's part, big time.

This is such a bs fight. Nokia is just pissed that the iPhone is actually denting their business and basically with only 1 phone. Nokia should just step up and make a good product like the use to. They have tons of market with dedicated customers there is no reason the cant kick butt. I use to only buy nokia the went to my treo 650 than iPhone.
Apples counter suit is just to play games with Nokia. It's officially a pissing contest. pointed out every time this story is mentioned, the same "same equitable and reasonable terms" offered to "everyone else" involve cross-licenses. EVERY GSM participant cross-licenses liberally. Apple, not Nokia, is the company that wants to do something out of the ordinary regarding GSM patents. Apple is, of course, free to reject Nokia's terms, in which case, by law and treaty, they are not allowed to use those patents. Somehow, though, it is all OK, and the other guy's fault -- because we like Apple's products, we are willing to excuse their corporate boorishness.

Apple's UI patents, not it's GSM patents (does it have any?) are what is supposedly wanted by Nokia. When a company pools some patents, it doesn't mean all their patents are pooled, certainly not completely different patents.

Go Apple! Nokia blee their chance, iphone has been out for years now and Nokia still haven't responded.

Can't help but laugh at the comments which come up without fail every time this story is raised... something along the lines of "Nokia is losing to Apple so they are suing".
Either Apple are infringing patents or they are not. It doesn't matter how succesful either company is!

Nokia must provide some evidence to avoid the case being thrown out of court before trial. There are two ways to get this evidence: 1) spend your own money, or 2) spend taxpayer money. #2 is better, hence the ITC filing.

Nokia is jumping the shark on this one. "We'll license our tech, but we'll also cherry pick what we want in return." That's a great way to insure your eventual decline and death.

Nokia's suit preempts what Apple would have done regarding Nokia's UI, which probably infringes on Apple's IP. By combining them, Nokia has a better chance of coming to some agreement with Apple. I doubt, however, that any US court will be sympathetic to Nokia. This won't be like what happened to Microsoft in the EU.

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