Non-Update: SlingPlayer for iPhone Still in App Store Limbo

We know SlingPlayer for iPhone was built (we saw it in action at Macworld and shot the video above). We know SlingPlayer for iPhone was submitted to the App Store (SlingMedia disclosed that). But its current status is anyone's guess. Users got upset they'd need to upgrade to the latest SlingBox. AT&T futzed with their Terms of Service but then backpedaled. BGR reported that it might or might not have been denied at AT&T's request. SlingMedia responded that they hadn't heard anything yet. So what's changed?

Nothing. TUAW checked in with the folks at SlingMedia and the official word is that there's still no word, and with an app as complex as SlingPlayer for iPhone, there could be no word for quite a while still.

So why post on it? Two reasons. 1) We get asked about it a lot. SlingPlayer is popular with the tech enthusiasts. 2) We hope that the minute blogs start posting that there's no word, Apple will release it just to make the blogs look silly. Hey, it happens!

Maybe we should start a little informal drop pool. Pick the day you think SlingPlayer will finally be released in the iTunes App Store and post it in the comments. Let's see if anyone can nail it!

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Non-Update: SlingPlayer for iPhone Still in App Store Limbo


I'm thinking it won't be approved or will get crippled. You'd think that Apple though could tell a company this much earlier in the process. Maybe have a pre-approval process.

June/July 2009. just in time for iPhone 2,1 or 3,1. lol mayb they want to debut it as a feature fir iPhone next?

Ummm, how long will this run on 3G mode? 2 hours? Until the iPhone itself can be on standby for at least 24 hours, no thanks.

It's gonna come out on the 12th day of never! That's why in my opinion the iPhone is crap. Quit screwin around Apple and release the damn app. Quit trying to monopolize the world you bastards! Can anyone say Blackberry!!!

There has been soooo much angst by ATT about the app crippling bandwidth, but Frank raises a good point; you have about 2 hours or less before the battery gives out at 3G speeds, so perhaps this bandwidth issue is a red herring. Perhaps the real reason that the app is being held up is ATT wants to roll out their own TV app(s) and lock-out Slingmedia? Umm...something to think about.....

I would understand the delay if Apple had sent it back to Sling for some tweaks, but Sling claims that they haven't heard anything. It blows my mind that my co workers with the $99 LG Vu can sit there and watch live tv, but my $599 iPhone (phone of the future) can't.

azmacdude - This type of thinking by ATT could transcend more than just Sling it could apply to any other app ATT feels infringes on their current or future business. So don't think that orb is immune to this type of thinking because it isn't.
Denying apps through the app store, I suspect, is more appealing to ATT than changing their TOS. I suspect it creates less of an out cry and obscures who actually pulled the plug on the app.

Man I wish would have known that they were gonna delay this as much as they have I wouldve stayed with verizon and got the blackberry storm I'd be watching my shows from my slingbox right now while I wait for my wife at her doctors appointment instead of writing this post. :(

Hmmm I'm fairly confident that it will be Octember 23th 1943...just in time to catch the Eastmas peak in sales....people buying presents and all....would make a nice gift to find in your stockings on Christbury day.
What do we win if we get the answer right :)

Mitch Says:
April 21st, 2009 at 12:29 pm
Man I wish would have known that they were gonna delay this as much as they have I wouldve stayed with verizon and got the blackberry storm I’d be watching my shows from my slingbox right now while I wait for my wife at her doctors appointment instead of writing this post.
Slingplayer is horrible on the Storm because there is not a native Slingplayer app for it. The last time I looked, there was not a Slingplayer app for ANY Verizon branded Blackberry. You can trick the Storm into loading the Pearl version, but it runs VERY POORLY. Tiny sized screen and the controls do not work for the most part.
The best it ran for me was about five minutes, then would lock the device up requiring the battery pulls that the Storm is so famous for. Trust me, you aren't missing the Storm for Slingplayer.

The anticipation of using MyVu Crystal with Slingplayer on iPhone gnawing at me.

Why isn't anyone talking about the potential work around? I use on my PC to view my Slingbox which in my opinion is better than the Sling Desktop Application. Right now it only works with IE. All they have to do is port this to Safari and we are in business right? Unless Flash is needed and if thats the case, to the folks at Sling please get working on the Palm Pre solution.

Sling Desktop on my PC and Remote Desktop on my iphone over 3G (PC2Me)...I mean, its not the best, but at least its holding me over.

Copy/paste and fax this to Apple at 408-996-0275
Please fee free to add on your own rant and threats.
Attn: Apple Corporate Customer Service
Re: Sling Box Application
Dear Apple,
I am writing to encourage you to approve the Sling Box application for the iPhone. As I understand it, the application meets all of the requirements set forth by Apple, and any hold up would be AT&T’s unwillingness to allow another application to feed video to a phone on their 3G network. Since I have an “Unlimited Data Plan” I find this totally unacceptable. Customers like me abide by the rules and expect the same in return from Apple and AT&T.
This being said, I believe the eyes of many are upon you right now. Again, I encourage you to do the right thing.