NoteSuite organizes your digital life on iPad and Mac has released NoteSuite, a new integrated productivity app. It's the sequel to Projectbook, Theory's best-selling app from 2012. But NoteSuite takes the core idea of Projectbook and extends it much further - plus it adds support for OS X, so you can organize yourself from whatever machine you're working.

NoteSuite helps you take notes, manage to-dos, clip web pages, annotate content, read and search PDFs and MS Office files and web clips together. What's more, it syncs and backs up the data, and unlike some other products in this category like Evernote, it doesn't require a subscription fee.

That alone would make NoteSuite a worthy addition to the pantheon of iOS productivity apps, but NoteSuite takes it a step further by offering a Mac client, as well. The Mac version automatically syncs with NoteSuite for iPad.

With NoteSuite you can type and make lists, take photos, record audio and capture to-dos within note pages. PDF files can be marked up, highlighted, annotated, signed, and PDF forms can be filled out. You can also draw and handwrite on note pages in the iPad version.

NoteSuite lets you clip web pages for later consumption (including offline), and it incorporates to-do management functions like date tracking, reminders, and the ability to match to-dos with projects and relevant notes.

MS Office and Apple iWork files can be converted to PDF for further markup and annotation, and search will work with files that aren't organized too.

And if you're already a ProjectBook user, you're entitled to a free upgrade.

The Mac version has been similarly discounted.

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Reader comments

NoteSuite organizes your digital life on iPad and Mac


I went ahead and got this. It looks great and seems very useful except......I wish there was some way to use it on my work laptop (WIN7). This is where Evernote edges them on usefulness for me. I'm sure I can work between NoteSuite and Evernote using the email/cloud storage but that seems like a hassle.

I've downloaded both versions and will be interested to see how it compares with Circus Ponies Notebook. The Mac version of CP is absolutely brilliant, but after spending over $30 on the iPad version years ago, I am disappointed that there is no iCloud syncing and that the syncing through iTunes does not work at all well. I love the Multidex indexing on CP; so I will be keen to see how the search function works on NoteSuite.

My very first action in NoteSuite was to import a PDF to the Mac app and within seconds it was on my iPad. Had a quick play with highlighting text and it worked well.

My daughter is at university and I'm buying her an iPad Mini for her birthday. She's interested in using it for annotating PDF articles for study and I think this might be just the app.

Thanks for video - it was great to hear the story behind the apps development.

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